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Author: Dhanasingh Krishnapandian
Code repository:
Registered on: 2011-11-23 (over 12 years ago)
Current version: 4.5.2
Compatible with: Redmine 5.0.x
User ratings:   (47)

ERPmine is an open source, free ERP for Service Industries. It has the following modules; Time & Expense, HR (Attendance, Payroll), CRM, Billing, Purchasing, Inventory and Accounting

Time & Expense
* Submit Timesheet & Expense Sheet
* Send Non Submission Reminders
* Print Time Sheet & Expense Sheet
* Clock In / Clock Out
* Check Leave Status
* Integrate with Attendance / Time clock devices
* Schedule Employee Shifts
* Setup Payroll data
* Generate Salary
* Report – Salary Register
* Report – Salary Slip
* Create Leads, Opportunities
* Convert to Accounts & Contacts
* Report - Lead Conversion
* Report - Sales Activity
* Generate Invoices
* Preview unmilled charges
* Accept Payments
* Create RFQ, Quote and PO
* Create Supplier Invoice and Supplier Payments
* Purchasing Cycle Report
* Create Products, Items and Assets
* Log Material & Asset entries
* Stock & Asset Report
* Create Ledgers
* Post Transactions
* Balance Sheet and P/L
* Reports
* Survey

It supports multiple languages and allows several configurations to cater to your needs. It has REST API and code hooks.

Please refer to the User Guide for more information

1) The User Guide
2) The Overview Presentation (Open Office Format)
3) Video - ERPmine Overview
4) ... more

  1. Resident Management
    Resident Plugin can be used in place where we are managing residents like Vacation homes, Apartment Leasing Companies, Senior Living Homes etc.

Test / Sandbox Environment
To check out the features please login into our Test / Sandbox Environment

Installation notes

Unpack the zip file to the plugins folder of Redmine.

The code is also available from github or from ERPmine Site

It requires the gem rufus-scheduler. So run the following command from the redmine folder to install the gem

bundle install

It also requires db migration.
So run the following command for db migration from the redmine folder

rake redmine:plugins:migrate NAME=redmine_wktime RAILS_ENV=production

For rufus-scheduler to work , the rails application should be up all the time.
If an apache passenger module is used then make sure the following settings are made
PassengerMinInstances 1
RailsAppSpawnerIdleTime 0
PassengerPreStart http://rails-app-url/

This plugin uses js and css assets and it will be copied to public/plugin_asset/redmine_wktime
folder upon server startup, so please make sure public/plugin_asset/redmine_wktime has proper access.

When uninstalling the plugin, please be sure to remove the db changes by running the following command, please note the VERSION=0 in the command

rake redmine:plugins:migrate NAME=redmine_wktime VERSION=0 RAILS_ENV=production


4.5.2 (2022-04-11)

Compatible with Redmine 5.0.x.

- Redmine 5.0 compatibility

4.5.1 (2022-04-04)

Compatible with Redmine 4.2.x.

- Deletion of all time entries after a certain period of time
- Show sub tabs also for subcategories
- Automatically close the order when the invoice is created
Bug fixes:
- Created user also listed in hiring drop down
- Show item instead of product in spent time
- No option to enter an order number
- Two problems with the order number when creating a supplier invoice
- Show Fixed cost in billing type invoice

4.5 (2022-02-09)

Compatible with Redmine 4.2.x.

- Cash flow report
- Option to create product item when creating new model
- Apply Tax rates for supplier invoice automatically
- Consecutive serial numbers for new receipt page
- Make more relationships of inventory
- Hide used items in inventory items list
Bug fixes:
- Allow only one receipt per supplier invoice
- Error creating a new product item
- The purchase order does not load when creating a new supplier invoice
- Automatically calculate tax before saving invoice
- Consecutive serial number does not load for old data
- Product item name error in spend time
- Plot the graphs for the current month

4.4.1 (2021-12-14)

Compatible with Redmine 4.2.x.

- Encrypt user fields(Bank account number, Tax id, SS id and Retirement account)

Bug fixes:
- Sort product item on spent time
- Changed product to product items on spent time

4.4 (2021-10-14)

Compatible with Redmine 4.2.x.

- Delivery of Inventory Items
- Include Expense in Invoice
- Employee dashboard
- dashboard enrichment
- CSV and PDF export for All Reports
- PF Report
- CSV for detail page

Bug fixes:
- Duplicate Clockin count in dashboard chart
- Hide quantity detail popup for Fixed cost
- Remove Material and assest cumulative total in spent time
- Rename email label to Email Notifications
- Accordion section icon not visible
- Move supervisor config to time & expense tab
- Remove space left over in the filter on list pages
- correct Invoice vs payment chart in the dashboard
- Add rating field and Increase character size for Description field

4.3.1 (2021-08-18)

Compatible with Redmine 4.2.x.

- Purchase Order without RFQ/Quotes
- text based Inventory Search
- serial numbers for inventory items
- Account number to CRM Account

Bug fixes:
- Remove location check in material entry
- Add Closed Response date in survey result page
- Exclude LOP from Reimbursement charges
- Assigned group issues do not populate in timesheet
- Can not change leave type in leave Request

4.3 (2021-06-30)

Compatible with Redmine 4.2.x.

- Generate invoice for selected hours
- Show billed hours in invoice
- Project skills
- Add surcharge tax to Indian tax rule
- The lead conversion graph should show cumulative numbers
- Detail report for dashboard
- Payment terms in account project
- CSV for list pages
- Show inventory items consumption
- Delete option in payroll, invoice and payment
- German translation
- Add total estimation hours to spent time report

Bug fixes:
- Issue dropdown doesn't populate issues in timesheet
- Issue logger doesn't consider approved timesheet
- Product item report in spent time not loaded correctly
- Remove apply tax automatically in user setting page
- Scheduling shift link is not working
- Attendance entries are wrongly posted on report
- Over Head cost error in shipping module
- Cannot use material and expense spent types without time entry

4.2 (2021-03-17)

Compatible with Redmine 4.1.x.

- Interview process
- Reimbursements
- Skill set for users
- Validation while importing spent time
- Annonymous survey response
- Attachments for user and transaction
- Show narration on mouse over for transaction list
- Bar chart for transaction ledger
- Calculate tax automatically when somebody gets an increment
- Add unbilled items for generated invoice

Bug fixes:
- Page error in reviewer survey update
- Getting old contract number in invoice
- Showing wrong currency symbol in notifications
- Need join date validation in user payroll settings
- Hide debit ledger in payroll settings
- Page error in user payroll settings due to termination date
- Make the cells read only in timesheet once hours was billed
- Separate the total and remove the unwanted space in reports
- Account filter not working on payments
- Map alignment issue in activities
- Set default unit of measure in shipment
- Page error in asset and material reports on spent time
- Need to Round off the decimal values in invoice
- Spent time dropdown is not visible in German language
- Currency is always showing '$'
- No Pagination in Shipment module

4.1 (2020-11-03)

Compatible with Redmine 4.1.x.

- Add attachments in time and expense
- Individual approvers per project for timesheets
- logo to locations
- PDF for time, expense and payroll list pages
- PDF for time and invoice detail pages
- Notifications for additional emails
- map for activity and assets
- separate tab for leave request
- reviewer comment for leave request detail page
- supervisor filter as dropdown
- email notifications for different ermine events
- default currency for inventory and purchase modules

Bug Fixes:
- Remove unnecessary settings configuration in time and expense
- Asset Chart starts with zero
- Survey response page not aligned
- Show on map filter is not saved in session
- Error in receive leave notification Permission
- Asset report should not visible for non privileged users
- Add date range label in asset report
- Remove intermediate page for new time and expense modules

4.0.2 (2020-07-22)

Compatible with Redmine 4.1.x.

Bug Fix:
- Timesheet save fails

4.0.1 (2020-07-20)

Compatible with Redmine 4.1.x.

- Made it compatible with Redmine 4.1.1

4.0 (2020-07-07)

Compatible with Redmine 4.1.x.

- Show Spent time on map
- Show Attendance on map
- Record location for CRM
- Map for Location module
- Start/Stop log time for issue
- Dispose Asset
- Permissions for dashboard, Attendance admin, Payroll admin, Receive leave Notification
- Show asset current value in asset detail
- Print survey response
- Show average scores for each survey questions
- Monthly trending chart for survey
- AP Ageing Report
Bug Fixes:
- Do not show all direct income and expenses in Trail Balance Report
- User payroll setting page error
- Asset detail save issue
- Change gem source
- Cells are not editable when previous week template is used
- Check if User has already answered the survey
- Remove the TE display settings
- Change Indian Income tax slab

3.9.3 (2020-05-24)

Compatible with Redmine 4.1.x.

- Integrate with Mobile App

Bug Fixes:
- Sidebar theme compatibility issue
- Generate payroll error with cancel button

3.9.2 (2020-02-27)

Compatible with Redmine 4.1.x.

Bug Fixing:
-Show detailed timesheet error message
-AR Ageing Report page error
-Unable to import attendance manually
-Minor UI changes

3.9.1 (2020-01-13)

Compatible with Redmine 4.1.x.

Made it compatible with Redmine-4.1

3.9 (2019-12-27)

Compatible with Redmine 4.0.x.

- Income Tax Calculations included in payroll
- Tax Report
- Add Group name for close current response in survey
- Add email notification for T&E admin in Leave request
- Show available leave hours in new leave request
- Add Date range filter for leave request
- Add cancel leave button in submitted leave request
Bug Fixing:
- Viewing survey result before closing
- CSV should have all data in transaction page
- Incorrect ESI Roundoff
- Sender's email ID shouldn't be used in Leave request emails
- Include survey name in email subject

3.8 (2019-11-03)

Compatible with Redmine 4.0.x.

- Bulk edit for Clock-in & Clock-Out list page
- Additional component condition for payroll settings
- Attachments for CRM Entities
- Leave Request
- Close Current Responses for recur surveys
- Supervisor of Supervisor can review surveys
- Show Response text answers also in survey result

Bug Fixing:
- Incorrect P&L opening and closing balance in Balance Sheet report
- Show invoice & Payment number instead of database id for credit invoice description
- Don't show other users hyperlink to editor in survey response list
- Don't collapse the survey question section by default
- Restrict to select same dependent field in payroll salary settings
- Billing Internal page error
- Project dropdown is not working properly in Timesheet

3.7.1 (2019-08-27)

Compatible with Redmine 4.0.x.

- Project for inventory module
- Hide ERPmine link in top menu

Bug Fixing:
- Sorting of all list pages
- Redesign inventory module
- Move shift tab to scheduling
- Balance sheet has zero amount
- Add Currency in asset report
- Join date in payroll list
- Freeze user name column in payroll user setting
- Recurrence and Reviewer check not required
- Result view for survey editors
- User Utilization is incorrectly showing 100%
- use billable projects for project profitability report
- Asset Report isn't pulling all the asset values during the period
- Converting lead directly on CRM isn't working properly. It doesn't list out on accounts page
- Unbilled invoice showing incorrect credit amounts
- Location dropdown values aren't retained in CRM module
- Invoice showing 'Accept payment' link incorrectly
- Survey Response details
- Survey Result for reviewer only questions also

3.7 (2019-07-03)

Compatible with Redmine 4.0.x.

- Employee Performance Review
- User Utilization Report
- Project profitability Report
- Trial Balance Report
- CSV format for Accounting Transactions
- T&E Admin Groups config in permissions page

Bug Fixing:
- Null pointer in product item controller and view
- Account filter not working on Billing page
- Permission for public holiday
- Leave Accruals happening before first year
- Administrator should see the permissions page
- Activity dropdown not loading properly
- Mixed currency in AR Ageing Report
- Remove view accounts and view survey permission from roles and permission

3.6 (2019-05-10)

Compatible with Redmine 4.0.x.

- Payroll - bulk edit of salary for individual employees
- Save and Continue for Accounting Transaction
- Main Location as company
- Billable Projects in Project / Account
- Notify Users to take the Survey
- CSV Report on Payroll list page
- Preview unpaid salary
- Payroll Bank Report
- Surveys for Projects and issues
- Move Permissions to Settings tab
Bug Fixing:
- Double entry on preview bill

3.5 (2019-03-11)

Compatible with Redmine 4.0.x.

- Survey is introduced.
- Changed SVG charts to 'Chart.js'.
- Total for Payroll list page.
- hide additional details in Issue

Bug Fixing:
- AR report does not have currency sign.
- Without Purchase Order not able to create Supplier Invoice.

3.4 (2019-01-08)

Compatible with Redmine 4.0.x.

1) Dashboards are introduced
2) Made Compatible with Redmine 4.0

3.3 (2018-08-01)

Compatible with Redmine 3.4.x.

- Supervisor feature
- Issue view is introduced for Timesheets
- Multiple Assignee for issue
- The time entries can be specified for a customer
- Related contacts for contact

Bug Fixing:
- Main menu shown in all the views
- Crash when editing time entries on personal page

3.2.1 (2018-02-08)

Compatible with Redmine 3.4.x.

Bug Fixing:
- Submit button for time sheets doesn't show up.
- A new leave couldn't be configured from the plugin config page.

3.2 (2018-02-01)

Compatible with Redmine 3.4.x.

- Employee Shifts can be Scheduled
- Additional user properties like (join date, termination date, bank account etc) can be entered
- Public Holidays are introduced
Bug Fixing:
- Incompatibility with Checklist plugin
- unable to Uninstall plugin
- Crash when editing time entries on personal page
- NoMethodError while clicking Spent time Report
- Attendance auto schedule job failure

3.1 (2017-10-29)

Compatible with Redmine 3.4.x.

- Asset module is introduced.
- ERPmine Group Permission
- Log Expense

Bug Fixes:
- Edit Log Entries fail upon save (580 KB) Dhanasingh Krishnapandian, 2017-10-29 12:10

3.0.1 (2017-10-06)

Compatible with Redmine 3.4.x.

- Translation for Russian
Bug Fix
- Plugin migration issue by timelog controller patch (547 KB) Dhanasingh Krishnapandian, 2017-10-06 05:39

3.0 (2017-09-06)

Compatible with Redmine 3.4.x.

- Inventory module is introduced.
- Compatable with Redmine 3.4.2
Bug Fix
- Incompatible with Ruby 2.4 (554 KB) Dhanasingh Krishnapandian, 2017-09-06 17:32

2.9.1 (2017-07-13)

Compatible with Redmine 3.4.x.

Made compatible with Redmine 3.4 (453 KB) Dhanasingh Krishnapandian, 2017-07-13 18:35

2.9 (2017-07-10)

Compatible with Redmine 3.3.x.

- Purchasing module is introduced.
- Lock Time and Expense sheet.
- basic, allowance and deduction total row missing in payroll report and user settings page.
- Payslip show incorrect financial period.
- Show Incorrect total in Accounting.
- Individual ledger amounts were not shown on the transaction page (Accounting) (453 KB) Dhanasingh Krishnapandian, 2017-07-10 14:29

2.8 (2017-05-17)

Compatible with Redmine 3.3.x.

- Payment added to Billing Module.
- Contacts can be billed.
- Create New Invoice.
- Show unbilled invoices.
- Exchange rate is introduced.
- Issue based billing introduced.
- AR Aging Report.
- unable to delete expense entries (403 KB) Dhanasingh Krishnapandian, 2017-05-17 23:53

2.7 (2017-02-08)

Compatible with Redmine 3.3.x.

- CRM module is introduced.
- Moved Accounts to CRM Module.
- Fixed: Uncaught TypeError is causing "Loading..." not dismissed . (364 KB) Dhanasingh Krishnapandian, 2017-02-08 14:44

2.6 (2016-12-28)

Compatible with Redmine 3.3.x.

- Accounting module is introduced.
- Could not Clock in/out when redmine installed in sub uri. (310 KB) Dhanasingh Krishnapandian, 2016-12-28 15:52

2.5.2 (2016-11-19)

Compatible with Redmine 3.3.x.

- Couldn't save Account on mac safari. (253 KB) Dhanasingh Krishnapandian, 2016-11-19 07:17

2.5 (2016-11-14)

Compatible with Redmine 3.3.x.

The plugin name has been renamed from Time & Expense to ERPmine.
The Billing module is added to the plugin. (252 KB) Dhanasingh Krishnapandian, 2016-11-14 12:29

2.4 (2016-09-29)

Compatible with Redmine 3.3.x.

- Payroll module is introduced.
- Merged Time and Expense modules under new 'Time & Expense' Tab. (202 KB) Dhanasingh Krishnapandian, 2016-09-29 16:57

2.3 (2016-08-19)

Compatible with Redmine 3.3.x.

  • File Based Integration with Attendance / Time Clock Device.
  • Manually import Attendance data.
  • clock in/out list and edit pages are avialable from Attendance module.
  • Manually re-run the period end process for attendance module.
  • Fixed the total hours for month column total in Attendance report.
  • Fixed Date range calendar popup problem in Time & Attendance module.
  • fixed the sqlite query problem on the T&E list page. (174 KB) Dhanasingh Krishnapandian, 2016-08-19 09:52

2.2.1 (2016-07-13)

Compatible with Redmine 3.3.x.

- Made compatible with Redmine 3.3.0.
- Time & Expense report is available from Report module.
- Show the first clock in and last clock out time of the day.
- Show the List page for users with view permission also.
- Added permission logic for viewing expenses report.
- Fixed the clock in/out column shift error.
- Fixed the leave total hours bug in attendance list.
- Left align the report header. (159 KB) Dhanasingh Krishnapandian, 2016-07-13 12:33

2.2 (2016-06-25)

Compatible with Redmine 3.2.x.

- Clock-in and clock-out widget on the banner.
- Pagination in the report popup.
- Allow TE Admin to Delete entry in attendance.
- Show / Hide Expense, Attendance and Reports modules.
- Configuration for Min/Max hours per week.
- Configuration of user group for non submission mails.
Bug Fixes:
- Fixed the language Problem on issue Id Validation Message.
- Log Time : Approved/submitted sheet don't allow time entry through edit issue screen.
- Show 'No record to display' if there is no record in attendance report.
- Mobile web compatibility.
- validation for Min Hours is less then Max Hours.
- Expense total does not show correctly in Deleted Projects.
- ast day of the month not shown in the attendance report.
- Does not save expense amount greater then 100000.
We would like to thank LYRA Networks ( ) for partially sponsoring this release. (161 KB) Dhanasingh Krishnapandian, 2016-06-25 12:07

2.1.2 (2016-03-28)

Compatible with Redmine 3.2.x.

- Made compatible with Redmine 3.2.1.
- User filter introduced in Attendance tab.
- Previous and Next link added in attendance detail page.
- Group filter introduced in Reports tab.
- Fixed decimals not taken into account when registering expenses. (156 KB) Dhanasingh Krishnapandian, 2016-03-28 18:46

2.1.1 (2016-02-08)

Compatible with Redmine 3.2.x.

Bug Fix
- The third row in the timesheet was showing the clock-in/clock-out difference instead of the hours (151 KB) Dhanasingh Krishnapandian, 2016-02-08 14:47

2.1 (2016-02-02)

Compatible with Redmine 3.2.x.

The plugin name is renamed to Time & Attendance.

- Made compatible with Redmine 3.2.0.
- Attendance module is introduced.
- German translation is included.
- Fixed SQL Server issue.
- Fixed time entering format issue.
- Fixed issue forbidden error on "Enter issue as ID/Subject". (151 KB) Dhanasingh Krishnapandian, 2016-02-02 16:24

2.0 (2015-10-08)

Compatible with Redmine 3.1.x.

- Made compatible with Redmine 3.1.1.
- Reminder email for submission and approval can be send by manager and TE admins.
- TE admins are allowed to modify and approve time/expense.
- Added User custom field filters in list page.
- "Please select" option is added in Issue and Activity dropdown.
- In log time page, error message is shown for restricted tracker type and on TE related error, the Create/Save button will be disabled.
- A warning message is shown when the user leaves an unsaved time/expense sheet page.

- Permission changes - When a Manager edits a Member T&E, his permission will be checked rather than the member's permission.

We would like to thank Fotonation ( ) for sponsoring this release. (109 KB) Dhanasingh Krishnapandian, 2015-10-08 17:09

1.9 (2015-07-01)

Compatible with Redmine 3.0.x.

- Permission changes
-- When a Manager edits a Member T&E, his permission will be checked rather than the member's permission
- TE Admin users is introduced, they need not be a member of a Project to View T&E
- A person who has never submitted any T&E (Empty T&E) can be viewed in the list page
- Sorting of timesheet rows.
- Allow entering time in different format.
- A new non empty icon is introduced for empty detail time entry popup.
- Comment box size is increased.
- Name is shown for closed or inactive project, issue and activity.

- Error message is shown if issue is blank when "Allow blank issue" is OFF.
- Closed date is considered instead of updated date for closed issues. (103 KB) Dhanasingh Krishnapandian, 2015-07-01 20:53

1.8.1 (2015-05-12)

Compatible with Redmine 3.0.x.

- Support for code hooks
- Filters will be remembered in list page. (93.5 KB) Dhanasingh Krishnapandian, 2015-05-12 17:00

1.8 (2015-04-20)

Compatible with Redmine 3.0.x.

- Made the plugin compatible with Redmine 3.0.1.
- Implemented 'Save and Continue' button on the edit page.
- "wktime/getstatus" loading over HTTP on site served over HTTPS.
- Users can delete submitted & approved timesheets.
- Email notification not sent due to upper case in file name.
- fixed Pdf broken issue (92 KB) Dhanasingh Krishnapandian, 2015-04-20 16:37

1.7 (2014-07-31)

Compatible with Redmine 2.5.x.

- Made compatible with Redmine 2.5.2
- Following permission changes were made:
- The user with 'Log spent time' or 'View spent time' permissions will be able to see the Time & Expense list page.
- The user with 'Edit time logs' permission is allowed to manage other member time/expense sheet.
- Following functionalities are available through REST api:
- List time/expense sheet of all user
- Delete entries in time/expense sheet
- Hours summed up for different custom values

Starting from 1.7, the code is also available from github (86.2 KB) Dhanasingh Krishnapandian, 2014-07-31 14:05

1.6 (2013-08-27)

Compatible with Redmine 2.3.x.

- Supports REST Api
- Separate Permission for Approving Time Logs
- Filter timesheets by groups
- Filter Issues assigned to me
- Configure Public Holidays
- Support for MS SQL Server
- User with View Spent time permission can only see the list page.

- wrap Settings object within Rails.configuration.to_prepare inside init.rb
- Show the message “no users in the selected project" in new time/expense sheet
- Expense report link does not shows up by default
- Allow 0 for time/expense entry (85.5 KB) Dhanasingh Krishnapandian, 2013-08-27 19:10

1.5 (2013-03-07)

Compatible with Redmine 2.2.x.

- Detail and report capabilities for expense is introduced
- Configuration for non submission email notification
- Configuration for expense projects
- Configuration for minimum hour per day

Starting from version 1.5, it requires the gem rufus-scheduler.
so run the following command to install the gem
bundle install

For rufus-scheduler to work , the rails application should be up all the time.
If an apache passenger module is used then make sure the following settings are made
a) PassengerMinInstances 1
b) RailsAppSpawnerIdleTime 0
c) PassengerPreStart http://rails-app-url/ (75.7 KB) Dhanasingh Krishnapandian, 2013-03-07 13:03

1.4 (2013-02-07)

Compatible with Redmine 2.2.x.

The following are the features of 1.4
- Expense Reporting is introduced
- Disallow time logging for submitted/approved timesheets through redmine core
- Issues selection is enhanced by its subject autocompletion.
- Configuration for approving own timesheet
- Email notification for rejected time & expense sheets
- Filter issues by tracker
- Configuration for number of weeks to consider for previous week template
- Use start of week feature from redmine (Contribution from Martin Dube)
- previous and next week link (Contribution from Martin Dube) (64.1 KB) Dhanasingh Krishnapandian, 2013-02-07 13:07

1.3 (2012-12-31)

Compatible with Redmine 2.2.x.

- Plugin is made compatible with Redmine 2.2.0
- Added Unapprove button to unapprove a approved timesheet
- Appended tracker with issue in issue dropdown
- Removed project name from pdf header (44.2 KB) Dhanasingh Krishnapandian, 2012-12-31 12:53

1.2 (2012-11-23)

Compatible with Redmine 2.1.x.

- Approval System in place
- Custom Fields can be added to the Weekly Timesheet entity
- Time Entry custom fields can be entered from the row
- Comments can be entered from the row
- Timesheet can be exported in csv format
- Fixed the bug on incorrect issues for sub projects with same name
- Fixed the bug on row multiplication when more entries are made for
the same project/issue/activity combination.
- Did some performance tuning (41.7 KB) Dhanasingh Krishnapandian, 2012-11-23 13:52

1.1 (2012-10-05)

Compatible with Redmine 2.1.x.

Following are the features for 1.1
- The plugin is made compatible with Redmine 2.1.0
- Issues can be entered as Id
- Work time header can be configured to show/hide
- Allowing blank issues can be configured (34.3 KB) Dhanasingh Krishnapandian, 2012-10-05 14:29

1.0 (2012-07-19)

Compatible with Redmine 2.0.x.

The following are the features of Release 1.0
- The timesheet can be filtered by projects and then by users.
- code for summing hours of same entry has been removed.
- Timesheet can be exported into PDF with signature sections
- Project hierarchy is shown in project dropdown
- Custom Fields can be modified from the timesheet
- The plugin can be configured
- comma is allowed as decimal separator on hours entry
- Users without Edit Permissions cannot edit / delete entries
- Italian translations are includes (152 KB) Dhanasingh Krishnapandian, 2012-07-19 12:40

0.0.9 (2012-06-15)

Compatible with Redmine 2.0.x.

Made the plugin compatible with Redmine 2.0
Fixed the bug - "Comments are not visible for the last row of timesheet"
French translations for String literals are included (139 KB) Dhanasingh Krishnapandian, 2012-06-15 15:03

0.0.8 (2012-04-26)

Compatible with Redmine 1.4.x.

- Made the plugin compatible with Redmine 1.4.1
- used size instead of count for arrays to make it compatible with ruby 1.8.6
- enabled internationalization on the plugin name on top menu (138 KB) Dhanasingh Krishnapandian, 2012-04-26 11:34

0.0.7 (2012-03-12)

Compatible with Redmine 1.2.x.

- Use Previous Week's Template for new Timesheet
- use current user for the default search in the index page
- allow duplicate entries for project/issue/activity/date combination
- allow time entry for empty issue
- show/hide previous week's closed issues
- Used jquery dialog for entering comments to reduce space
- fixed a bug related to values getting reset when a row is deleted
- fixed a monday calculation issue when a sunday falls in the date range

Thanks to the following people for their feedback and feature requests.
Alfredo Bonilla, Alexander Schramm, Ramith Unni, Fayez Naccache, Francisco Almeida, Rafael Fresno (138 KB) Dhanasingh Krishnapandian, 2012-03-12 08:12

0.0.6 (2012-02-09)

Compatible with Redmine 1.2.x.

- Entering time on empty projects (with no issues) is possible
- left alligned the project, issue, activity dropdowns
- set the size of dropdowns (project - 150px, issue - 250px, activity - 75px)
- added a default date to the Add New wk-time page
- removed the checkbox column from the timesheet grid
- fixed the sunday issue with postgres
- added User Filter to the wktime list page

Thanks ro Alfredo Bonilla, J P and Alexander Schramm for feedback and enhancement requests. (17 KB) Dhanasingh Krishnapandian, 2012-02-09 13:21

0.0.5 (2012-01-13)

Compatible with Redmine 1.2.x.

- used Role's Issue Visibility for filtering issues
- show only the issue id if it is not accessible and has time previously reported for it
- show issue id and subject in the issue drop down
- show sub totals for each day
- show the active activities from project in the activities drop down
- select the current user as default selection in the user dropdown on new wktime page

Thanks to Igor Zubchenok, Alfredo Bonilla, Rafael Fresno for their feedback and enhancement requests. (16.8 KB) Dhanasingh Krishnapandian, 2012-01-13 12:14

0.0.4 (2011-12-09)

Compatible with Redmine 1.2.x.

support for sqlite (16 KB) Dhanasingh Krishnapandian, 2011-12-09 12:08

0.0.3 (2011-12-07)

Compatible with Redmine 1.2.x.

support for postgresql
fixed a bug on timesheet rendering (16 KB) Dhanasingh Krishnapandian, 2011-12-07 13:44

0.0.2 (2011-12-01)

Compatible with Redmine 1.2.x.

fixed the bug for Redmine installation on sub directory (15.4 KB) wktime 0.0.2 Dhanasingh Krishnapandian, 2011-12-01 14:56

0.0.1 (2011-11-23)

Compatible with Redmine 1.2.x. (15.1 KB) Dhanasingh Krishnapandian, 2011-11-23 19:26

User ratings

  by Juanito Valderrama about 1 month ago

Muy útil y bien desarrollado.

  by DURGA SHREE I over 1 year ago


  by shanmuganathan N over 1 year ago

  by BalaSoundhariya Arumugam over 1 year ago


  by ARUL MAGESH KUMAR E over 1 year ago


  by Vicente Guardiola almost 2 years ago

  by Dhana Lakshmi about 2 years ago

  by C S almost 3 years ago

Best OpenSource in this section!
We use it for our maintenence Dep. / Spare Parts

  by Kamil AFACAN almost 4 years ago

  by Matthew Paul almost 4 years ago

Good plugin, very full featured. Actually so many features it's a little overwhelming. If you want simpler, less full featured versions, or compatibility with earlier versions, use a non-current git version. Excellent functionality on this, though.

  by Amutha R about 4 years ago

  by Rubaraj R about 4 years ago

  by Mohanraj K about 4 years ago

  by Jihyeon Gim about 4 years ago

  by Arunkumar Thangavel about 4 years ago

  by Miodrag Milic over 4 years ago

  by Ekin Wu about 5 years ago

  by Krystian Ł. over 5 years ago

  by Nikolai Efimov-Soini over 5 years ago

This is really cool plugin. Unfortunately 3.3 don't work with Redmine 3.4.4. In this case you can use ERP-mine version 3.1.

  by Long Van about 6 years ago

The plugin is great. We use it for daily activities in our company.

However when we updated it with the latest version 3.2.1, it crashes on Time & Attendences tab.

Completed 500 Internal Server Error in 2395ms (ActiveRecord: 89.5ms)


  by Rustam B about 6 years ago

Shipment is only inward, i.e. stock receipt, correct?
Please add "Delivery" functionality too, same as Shipment, but when it goes from stock (Location) to Supplier/Contact.

  by Germán Moriello about 7 years ago

Good plugin, but the new lacks integration with the basic Redmine. (can't assosiate leads, accounts, opportunities, etc to proyects).

  by Steven Hawkins over 7 years ago

It is an excellent plugin, especially considering it is free. I had an issue with one of the features, and the creators were very helpful.

  by Rodrigo Bernardo over 7 years ago

Very Good Plugin. Works fine and support is very good too.

  by Matej Siman over 7 years ago

  by Karthick Madhiazhagan over 7 years ago

  by Dhineshkumar Rajasekar over 7 years ago

  by Dilip Jayachandradu almost 8 years ago

I received a Demo today and I was impressed with the product features, look forward to try soon

  by Gregor Borsemirk almost 8 years ago

  by Kai kremer almost 8 years ago

great tool

  by William Sneed almost 8 years ago

Nice & Simple time tracking for small organizations.

  by Kosuke Fudy almost 8 years ago

I have used worklog utility in my team, which is less than 10 persons. After everyone is requested to deliver worklog, our work progress is dramatically improved.

  by Maurizio Tallarico almost 8 years ago

Great plugin... is there a way to add "comment" to the PDF export ?

  by Jörg Göbel over 8 years ago

  by Igor A over 8 years ago


  by Istvan Heckl over 8 years ago

  by Thierry Brochu almost 9 years ago

Best plugin for me yet! Used by everyone in my group!! :)

  by Zer Guz almost 9 years ago

Best plugin so far to do weekly timesheets.

  by Dmitriy Perfilyev almost 9 years ago

  by Suganya Thulasiraman almost 9 years ago

  by Dhanasingh Krishnapandian over 9 years ago

  by Jonathan P over 9 years ago

Very useful. It save so much time and help to enter very quickly your time.

  by Sergey W over 9 years ago

  by oscar garzon over 9 years ago


  by Ivan Rapekas almost 10 years ago

Great with

  by mark edwards almost 10 years ago

  by Mariana Martinez about 10 years ago