Miodrag Milic

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23:16 Redmine Patch #31505: Mark edited journal notes as "Edited"
Its typical also to show number of edits if that is possible.
23:15 Redmine Feature #29285: Add "Assign to me" shortcut to issue edit form
> I would prefer "Assign to me" as button outside of edit mode.
This seems like much better solution IMO.
23:13 Redmine Feature #33692: Improved view of the activity page
I like the lines. Its important to know when day ends, such 'distraction' has merit.
23:09 Redmine Feature #33071: Prevent accidental deletion of contents with sudo mode
I support Go Maeda in this.
This happens so frequently (even to those like me that use Redmine daily for decade, d...


10:35 Redmine Feature #1380: Deleting an issue only marks it as being deleted
During the last 10 years people deleted accidentally countless tickets.
There is no easy way to recover them.


11:43 Redmine Defect #668: Date input fields don't respect date format settings
Unacceptable :)


10:32 Redmine Feature #31215 (New): Macro child_pages should support reverse order
This is more appropriate for some contexts, for example monthly reports which you want sorted chronologically in reve...


09:58 Redmine Feature #9068: New button : "Submit modification without notification"
Redmine stealth is great but this should really be part of Redmine itself.
It would be way more practical that wit...


19:07 Redmine Help: RE: Hide public projects for specific roles
No, I have turned to solution where I hide all projects. Then I have mother project that contains all other for entir...


13:56 Redmine Feature #3760: E-mail notifications for issue update/creation should include the attachments in t...
Our vendors communicate with our Redmine only via email so they can never get attached files.

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