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12:48 Redmine Feature #1853: Make Projects truly independent of each other
+1 Zer Guz
12:31 Redmine Feature #1086: Fine grained permissions
+1 Zer Guz
12:29 Redmine Feature #2530: Handle custom project statuses
+1 Zer Guz


17:09 Redmine Feature #2047: Add SVG support, like images
+1 Zer Guz
17:05 Redmine Feature #15296: Include image thumbnails with PDF export
+1 Zer Guz


18:48 Redmine Help: RE: Custom fields List vs Key/value List
Let's say you have a "list" type with the following items:
* Value1
* Value2
Then you assign to the particular i...
Zer Guz


19:37 Redmine Defect #24094: Error with non ASCII characters in Wiki
Please close this issue as apparently it works in the new version used here at I'll try to upgrade. Zer Guz
18:09 Redmine Defect #24094 (Closed): Error with non ASCII characters in Wiki
When creating/saving a Wiki page or an issue description (also wiki format) that contain some non-ASCII characters li... Zer Guz


15:17 Redmine Defect #10673: Dot and comma in wiki pagename
+1 We need dots to be allowed. We have wiki pages that correspond to project versions and would like to call these th... Zer Guz


12:24 Redmine Feature #9703: Define repositories independently from projects
+1. In our company we have many repository modules that are used in multiple projects. It will help if a repository c... Zer Guz

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