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19867 Author: Kirill Bezrukov (RedmineUP)
Code repository: -
Registered on: 2014-03-18 (almost 5 years ago)
Current version: 1.4.7
Compatible with: Redmine 4.0.x, 3.4.x, 3.3.x, 3.2.x, 3.1.x, 3.0.x, 2.6.x
User ratings:   (49)

Redmine Agile Plugin: the best tool to manage your projects

Display Redmine Issues as tasks cards on an Agile board, allowing teams to prioritize, assign and track issues efficiently. Move cards by drag&drop and customize them. Plan Sprint and Backlog easily with a drag& drop planner. Use charts to see the progress of the project. You can adjust the plugin settings for any methodology, process or workflow that your organization uses.

  • Drag&drop Agile Scrum/Kanban boards
  • 11 Agile Charts including Burndown, Velocity, Cumulative flow
  • Drag&drop Sprint/Version planning
  • Sub-columns and Swimlanes
  • Colors
  • Story points estimation
  • Define Story points values
  • See a history of changes (Status, Assignee or %Done)
  • Work-in-progress limits
  • Multiple boards
  • Live search on board
  • Show tags and images on the board
  • Displaying and editing Checklist on the Agile board
  • Adding Issues and comments from the board
  • Translated into 9 languages: English, German, Spanish, French, Portuguese (Brazil), Russian, Chinese, Chinese(Taiwan), Korean

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Agile Ajax board
Your Agile whiteboard in Redmine. Track issues, prioritize them, and appoint assignees smarter and faster. Move pieces of work with drag & drop. Comment, interact with checklists, and add issues straight on the board. It can be configured for Scrum, Kanban, or mixed methodology. It's workflow aware and will not allow unpermitted status transitions.

Agile Charts
Use one of 11 charts: Burndown, Cumulative Flow, Velocity, or Lead Time. Quickly visualize current status and track the progress of your projects. Use it to respond to any unforeseen circumstances in your development process. For example, you can estimate the likelihood of achieving a Sprint goal with Burndown and Burnup charts by tracking the amount of work remaining in a given sprint. Use charts to see a current and ideal distribution of work.

Sub-columns & swimlanes
With the Agile plugin, you can duplicate any phase of your projects or processes using columns and subcolumns. You can also use swimlanes to arrange and separate issues by parent tasks, asignee, tracker or other.

Sprint planner
Sprint planner allows you to see which issues belong to a particular sprint (or version) and reassign them effortlessly among sprints and backlogs with split view. A Sprint is a set of features and fixes that you will release as a single update to your software product.

--Andriy Lesyuk in "Mastering Redmine: Second Edition"


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Installation notes

Extract plugin to /plugins folders

bundle install
bundle exec rake redmine:plugins NAME=redmine_agile RAILS_ENV=production


1.4.7 (2018-09-25)

Compatible with Redmine 4.0.x, 3.4.x, 3.3.x, 3.2.x, 3.1.x, 3.0.x, 2.6.x.

  • Added missing filters: Issue, Description, Private, Watcher
  • Added preloading of colors for issues
  • Fixed tags render on a card
  • Fixed public board permission bug
  • Fixed agile board adaptability
  • Fixed fullscreen link displaying
  • Fixed filtering by Company custom field

1.4.6 (2018-03-20)

Compatible with Redmine 4.0.x, 3.4.x, 3.3.x, 3.2.x, 3.1.x, 3.0.x, 2.6.x.

  • Redmine 4 support
  • Quick seach on the board
  • Issue tags field on cards
  • Story Points available values setting
  • Fixed story point showing bug
  • Fixed makeup on issue edit form
  • Fixed light version dropable bug
  • Fixed custom fields bug with charts

1.4.5 (2017-09-06)

Compatible with Redmine 3.4.x, 3.3.x, 3.2.x, 3.1.x, 3.0.x, 2.6.x, 2.5.x, 2.4.x, 2.3.x.

  • Agile charts moved to Chartjs
  • Fixed current version filter value
  • Fixed issue sorting bug with active story points

1.4.4 (2017-07-06)

Compatible with Redmine 3.4.x, 3.3.x, 3.2.x, 3.1.x, 3.0.x, 2.6.x, 2.5.x, 2.4.x, 2.3.x.

  • Redmine 3.4 support
  • Color attribute for users
  • Agile board <Current version> query filter
  • Added initional state for status and assignee history
  • Chinese translation update
  • Fixed checklist items order

1.4.3 (2017-03-20)

Compatible with Redmine 3.4.x, 3.3.x, 3.2.x, 3.1.x, 3.0.x, 2.6.x, 2.5.x, 2.4.x, 2.3.x.

  • Added assignee, status and % done history urls
  • Created and Updated dates card fields
  • Fixed version from future bug
  • Fixed Agile board z-index bug
  • Fixed blocked query filter error
  • Fixed bug with zero divide for spent time color
  • Added trendline first point

1.4.2 (2016-11-16)

Compatible with Redmine 3.3.x, 3.2.x, 3.1.x, 3.0.x, 2.6.x, 2.5.x, 2.4.x, 2.3.x.

  • [NEW] Trend lines for Lead Time and Velocity charts
  • [NEW] Current active version filter
  • Chinese translation (Zuofeng Zhang)
  • Issue order for swimlanes
  • Fixed bug with session storage overload
  • Story points chart data calculation bug fixed
  • Firefox and IE bug with on board comments fixed

1.4.1 (2016-06-20)

Compatible with Redmine 3.3.x, 3.2.x, 3.1.x, 3.0.x, 2.6.x, 2.5.x, 2.4.x, 2.3.x.

  • Agile board header height fixed for IE
  • Auto assign user on move card
  • Burndown/burnup charts fixes for story points and hours
  • Context menu for fullscreen board
  • Separate charts for SP and hours
  • Lock board on autorefresh

1.4.0 (2016-02-09)

Compatible with Redmine 3.3.x, 3.2.x, 3.1.x, 3.0.x, 2.6.x, 2.5.x, 2.4.x, 2.3.x.

  • Story points estimation
  • Card assignment error messages
  • Cleanup WIP limits option styles
  • Highligh inline created cards
  • Inline comments board lock
  • Fixed version planning access right
  • Fixed unicode letters in locale files
  • Fixed performance issues with board rendering

1.3.13 (2016-01-20)

Compatible with Redmine 3.3.x, 3.2.x, 3.1.x, 3.0.x, 2.6.x, 2.5.x, 2.4.x, 2.3.x.

  • Inline issue creation
  • Work-in-progress limits
  • Colored by project
  • Adding notes inline
  • Checklist on card view
  • Last comment card field
  • French locale by Olivier Houdas
  • Fixed bug with sorting cards in redmine < 3

1.3.12 (2015-11-03)

Compatible with Redmine 3.2.x, 3.1.x, 3.0.x, 2.6.x, 2.5.x, 2.4.x, 2.3.x.

  • Estimated time sum in column header
  • Issue relations filter
  • Fixed bug with Mysql migration
  • Fixed bug with global board cards view
  • Fixed issue context menu bug

1.3.11 (2015-08-18)

Compatible with Redmine 3.2.x, 3.1.x, 3.0.x, 2.6.x, 2.5.x, 2.4.x, 2.3.x.

  • Setting for closed cards view
  • Colorized by assignee

1.3.10 (2015-08-06)

Compatible with Redmine 3.2.x, 3.1.x, 3.0.x, 2.6.x, 2.5.x, 2.4.x, 2.3.x.

  • Days in state card field
  • Colored cards by spent time
  • Fixed bug with sticky headers after fullscreen auto update
  • Fixed bug with version planner unassigned issues
  • Added translation for module

1.3.9 (2015-05-20)

Compatible with Redmine 3.0.x, 2.6.x, 2.5.x, 2.4.x, 2.3.x.

  • Version planner filters
  • Chinese translation (zhoutt)
  • Fixed print media styles for board
  • Parent task filter allowed commas

1.3.8 (2015-03-06)

Compatible with Redmine 3.0.x, 2.6.x, 2.5.x, 2.4.x, 2.3.x.

  • Redmine 3.0 support fixes
  • Autoupdate board on fullscreen view
  • N+1 agile color fixes
  • New filter Parent issue tracker
  • Total hours on version planning columns
  • Sub issues card field
  • Issue history for color changes

1.3.6 (2015-02-10)

Compatible with Redmine 3.0.x, 2.6.x, 2.5.x, 2.4.x, 2.3.x.

  • Sticky headers in fullscreen mode (Dariusz Kowalski)
  • Ajax error messages
  • Fixed bug in version planner with wrong column ID
  • Fixed 404 when enter hit in version planning form
  • Portuguese (Brazil) translation (Marcelo de A. Fernandes)

1.3.5 (2014-10-28)

Compatible with Redmine 3.0.x, 2.6.x, 2.5.x, 2.4.x, 2.3.x.

  • Default boards for projects roles and users
  • Sub-projects issues in version planner
  • Rails 4 support

1.3.4 (2014-10-16)

Compatible with Redmine 2.6.x, 2.5.x, 2.4.x, 2.3.x.

  • Added filters for Assignee's role and Assignee's group
  • Shared versions support
  • Assignee history log

1.3.3 (2014-09-28)

Compatible with Redmine 2.6.x, 2.5.x, 2.4.x, 2.3.x.

  • German translation (Jan Schulz-Hofen)
  • Assignable users on agile board sidebar
  • Fixed bug with saving boards for non admin roles for Redmine 2.3
  • Fixed bug with authors swimlanes
  • Fixed bug in swimlanes with empty versions list

1.3.2 (2014-06-27)

Compatible with Redmine 2.6.x, 2.5.x, 2.4.x, 2.3.x.

  • Default desc sorting for priority swimlanes
  • Rank sorting for parent task swimlanes
  • Koren translation (김기원)
  • Fixed XSS Vulnerability (Felix Schäfer)
  • Fixed Issue status count starting with empty not updated (Felix Schäfer)
  • Fixed bug with "Is not" status filter

1.3.1 (2014-05-05)

Compatible with Redmine 2.6.x, 2.5.x, 2.4.x, 2.3.x.

  • Status Sub-Columns with colon delimiter
  • Fixes for SQL Server

1.3.0 (2014-04-24)

Compatible with Redmine 2.6.x, 2.5.x, 2.4.x, 2.3.x.

  • Swim lanes
  • Weekends for burnup and burndown charts
  • Burnup charts cleanup
  • New board card fields setting

1.2.0 (2014-04-18)

Compatible with Redmine 2.6.x, 2.5.x, 2.4.x, 2.3.x.

  • Colors
  • Version planning
  • Touch devices support
  • Fullscreen mode
  • Spanish translation by (Leandro Russo)
  • Created/Closed chart renamed to Issues burnup
  • Work burnup chart
  • First period effort for budrndown charst
  • Fixes in cumulative flow chart
  • Fixes with load_more duplications

1.1.2 (2014-04-10)

Compatible with Redmine 2.6.x, 2.5.x, 2.4.x, 2.3.x.

  • Compatibility fixes (redmine_issue_detailed_tabs_time and others)

1.1.1 (2014-04-09)

Compatible with Redmine 2.6.x, 2.5.x, 2.4.x, 2.3.x.

  • New scale divisions for charts
  • Fixes for work burndown with subtasks
  • Fixed Gantt and Caledar issues

1.1.0 (2014-04-07)

Compatible with Redmine 2.5.x, 2.4.x, 2.3.x.

  • Save and manage agile boards
  • Select issue card fields
  • Permissions for agile boards
  • Default issue card columns setting
  • Issue card context menu
  • Project column
  • Issue done ratio and status flows
  • Charts (Work burndown chart, Issues burndown chart, Cumulative flow chart, Trackers cumulative flow chart, Velocity chart, Lead time chart, Average lead time chart, Created/Closed chart)
  • Fixed bug with load more filters

1.0.1 (2014-03-18)

Compatible with Redmine 2.5.x, 2.4.x, 2.3.x.

User ratings

  by Hanno Hugenberg 5 days ago

  by Dimitar Chervenakov 25 days ago

  by Alex Silverstein 7 months ago

Our software development team relies on this superb plugin to manage our agile process. The graphs, boards, and grids are very customizable, making it a pleasure to work with for our unique combination of Kanban and Scrum techniques.

  by Dan Rusu 9 months ago

We are using this plug-in and really like it.
Easy to install, easy to work with.
Good job guys!

  by Jacek Pobłocki 9 months ago

Nice !

  by Bruno Spyckerelle 9 months ago

  by Rozsnyai Arpad 10 months ago

  by Christoph S. Ackermann 11 months ago

We like at our agency cubetech the work burndown chart a lot. So you can see at any time if the project is on track. Helpful! Thanks RedmineUP!

  by Sadaf Rasheed 11 months ago

We've been using this plugin since 2015. It's features like agile board, charts and user stories etc are very useful while implementing agile (scrum) based development

  by Alex Belugin about 1 year ago

  by Don Primrose over 1 year ago

Very nice plug in to make bug review meetings much more efficient

  by Николай Б over 1 year ago


  by Carlos Eduardo Fraga Ribeiro over 1 year ago


  by Aiyra - ( almost 2 years ago

Simply amazing. Very recommended.

  by Christoph Romer almost 2 years ago

Works perfectly. Functionality is awesome! We couldn't imagine redmine without this plugin anymore in our company.

  by Marek Kielecki about 2 years ago

  by Stefan Müller about 2 years ago

Great plugin! Integration was simple, and use is easy

  by Greg Lewsza (RedmineUP) over 2 years ago

  by Roman Belyakovsky over 2 years ago

Can't find a way to change default sorting order when new issues go to the bottom of columns but pretty impressed with dragging functionality, thanks!

  by Luis Blasco over 2 years ago

Best plugin for Agile, Scrum or Kanban project management.

  by stella fredo almost 3 years ago

a must have one, works with redmine 3.2.0, ruby 2.3.0, apache2, centos7

  by joey zhou almost 3 years ago

  by Adam Szakacs about 3 years ago

Great plugin - provides a good alternative to the traditional table view of issues with the 'agile' feel...

  by Jörg Göbel about 3 years ago

  by 锦斌 孙 about 3 years ago

  by Martin Hartung over 3 years ago

I like the idea what the majority of diagrams don't really explain themselfes and I miss customization at different aspects. The company should really invest some time and money into a good user documentation.

  by David Radford over 3 years ago

On linux, some parts don't work. Line 31 in _issue_card.html.erb reads: <% if @query.has_column_name?(:thumbnails) %>
No images showed until that was changed to: <% if %>

  by Alex Lashkov almost 4 years ago

Very good for working on agile projects

  by Dmitry Kabanov almost 4 years ago

  by almost 4 years ago

Cute but useless

  by Lin Ye almost 4 years ago

A nice plugin

  by Joerg Boeselt almost 4 years ago

  by Daniel Pérez about 4 years ago

it´s the best plugin for agile

  by yannick quenec'hdu about 4 years ago

Very good plugin, need more Kanban indicator, such cycle time, debit, ...

  by Rachid Retaiba about 4 years ago

I would like to know please if there is no risk to install this plugin with a plugin already installed . in this case with this plugin " redmine_issue_detailed_tabs_time V0.0.7"


  by Harris Byun about 4 years ago

  by Sergey W over 4 years ago

  by Phong Le Hong over 4 years ago

Cool , thank you, work fine
Redmine version 2.5.2.stable.13335
Ruby version 2.1.0-p0 (2013-12-25) [x86_64-linux]
Rails version 3.2.19
Environment production

  by Pavel Potcheptsov over 4 years ago

Good deal, even though you must pay for all features.
Works well on RM 2.4

  by Markus Pingel over 4 years ago

Very promising and might get better than backlogs in the future, but in its current state almost unusable for Scrum. No real backlog, no story point estimation, creating a sprint and defining a sprint backlog is painful.

  by Giovanni De Marco over 4 years ago

  by Charlie Mordant over 4 years ago

The free version is beautiful, useful and smart.
They also have a non profit organization plan, which is very cool.
I strongly recommend it!

  by Mikhail Sviridov over 4 years ago

  by nanson nanson over 4 years ago

  by cody liou over 4 years ago

HI,It will plugins "redmine_issue_detailed_tabs_time" cause conflict

  by Joshua DeClercq over 4 years ago

Throw in 'group by' for versions and other custom fields and this would be amazing.

Came out of freaking nowhere and is already the most professional-looking and crisp of the board plugins. Now I'm torn between this and Backlogs.

  by Philippe Lafoucrière over 4 years ago

Just missing the "sprint" feature, but very nice plugin.

  by Tim Craig over 4 years ago

  by over 4 years ago