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17:33 Redmine Feature #13708: External related issues
I'm fond of this feature !
A repository can be tracked by only one redmine instance (and a redmine instance can trac...
Bruno Spyckerelle


10:15 Redmine Feature #3735: view hook for project Settings/Information page
Related to #8332 Bruno Spyckerelle


16:13 Redmine Patch #8332: Hook for project_settings_tab
I would be very interested in this feature, something new about this ?
The plugin mentioned above is very helpfull b...
Bruno Spyckerelle
16:10 Redmine Plugins: RE: Add item into project settings tabs
Any news about this feature request ? Bruno Spyckerelle


12:45 Redmine Feature #1176: Recurring Tasks
It would be very usefull indeed.
Hope to see this soon !
Bruno Spyckerelle


16:47 Redmine Feature #824: Add "closed_on" issue field (storing time of last closing) & add it as a column and filter on the issue list.
It would be very usefull to be able to change the closed_on date as we can change the start and due dates (for exampl... Bruno Spyckerelle
15:03 Redmine Feature #12794: Member groups not listed in project page
I strongly vote for this feature too ! Bruno Spyckerelle
15:00 Redmine Feature #12796: Display user's groups on profile
This is a very important feature, especially when you have a huge number of users. Bruno Spyckerelle


10:43 Redmine Feature #3224: Better project list
And I would add that the ability to extract a list of projects matching some criteria (as we do with actions repo...
Bruno Spyckerelle


12:01 Redmine Help: RE: How to make a new Project copy of an entire project and sub-project with issues?
I think it's worth asking this question again with Redmine 2.1... Bruno Spyckerelle

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