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21:17 Redmine Help: RE: Cannot remove old trackers: "This tracker contains issues and can't be deleted"
they read) but issue doensn't seem to be critical)
related threads:


17:44 Redmine Feature #32090: REST API: users: add support for status=*
This is so extremly not obvious.
Is it possible to update documentation to point to that feature?


21:38 Redmine Feature #29993 (Closed): Option to unarchive the project when admins visit an archived project
When project added to archive - it is hidden from Projects panel.
And then whe it is needed for someone - they send...
21:34 Redmine Feature #29992 (Closed): Add permissions to read all projects.
Now, only administrators can see list of all projects and sub-projects.
But, it is needed to allow some people (or...
21:26 Redmine Feature #1739: Add ability to change issue author
it should be added in core


11:50 Redmine Feature #7360: Issue custom query: default query per instance, project and user
11:50 Redmine Feature #5515: user select default issue query


15:40 Redmine Feature #1945: Automatically add user to project
this is handy and very usefull feature.


12:51 Redmine Feature #8241: Advanced notification: per user, per project configurable schedule, event filter a...


11:02 Redmine Help: Week number in chrome (and edge)
noticed, that in Google Chrome there is no week numbers when you add new issue and try to use start date (o...

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