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Author: Kirill Bezrukov (RedmineUP)
Code repository: -
Registered on: 2011-11-15 (over 12 years ago)
Current version: 2.1.3
Compatible with: Redmine 5.0.x, 4.2.x, 4.1.x, 4.0.x, 3.4.x, 3.3.x, 3.2.x, 3.1.x, 3.0.x, 2.6.x
User ratings:   (25)

Favorite Projects plugin helps you to organize projects and access them easily.

We had about 50 active projects in Redmine, and it was quite inconvenient to search for them in the right corner jumpbox. So we created this plugin as a solution.

  • Table view projects list
  • Quick links to project modules
  • Favorite projects for jumpbox (near the global search)
  • Works only in the production environment
  • Free to download and use

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Project Jumpbox
This plugin replaces Redmine projects view and adds abitity to select projects in the projects jump-box, that is easily visible in right-top corner of the interface.

Arrange your dashboard
If you ever had more than a few projects in Redmine, you know it can complicate to move between them. Well, not anymore! Create and use custom queries with filters. Use tags. Add stars to the projects. All to keep you organized and more efficient.


Installation notes

  • Unarchive plugin to folder redmine/plugins
  • run bundle install
  • run bundle exec rake redmine:plugins NAME=redmine_favorite_projects RAILS_ENV=production


2.1.3 (2023-08-30)

Compatible with Redmine 5.0.x, 4.2.x, 4.1.x, 4.0.x, 3.4.x, 3.3.x, 3.2.x, 3.1.x, 3.0.x, 2.6.x.

  • Redmine 5.0 compatibility
  • Added German locale
  • Fixed public view bug

2.1.1 (2020-07-27)

Compatible with Redmine 4.1.x, 4.0.x, 3.4.x, 3.3.x, 3.2.x, 3.1.x, 3.0.x, 2.6.x.

  • Fixed project select bug
  • Added textilizable for project desc
  • Updated zh-tw locale
  • Custom queries moved up to tags in sidebar
  • Added locale for tags
  • Fixed filter styles for projects list

2.1.0 (2019-04-08)

Compatible with Redmine 4.0.x, 3.4.x, 3.3.x, 3.2.x, 3.1.x, 3.0.x, 2.6.x.

  • Redmine 4.0 compatibility
  • Use select2_tag instead of tag-it
  • Fixed query update bug
  • Fixed empty colums bug
  • New chinese localization

2.0.3 (2016-08-17)

Compatible with Redmine 3.3.x, 3.2.x, 3.1.x, 3.0.x, 2.6.x, 2.5.x, 2.4.x, 2.3.x.

  • Autocomplete case sensitivity fixes
  • Pagination fixes
  • Tags translation fixes
  • Fixed bug with REST API

2.0.2 (2016-02-25)

Compatible with Redmine 3.3.x, 3.2.x, 3.1.x, 3.0.x, 2.6.x, 2.5.x, 2.4.x, 2.3.x.

  • Default columns and view style settings
  • Fixed bug with private projects view
  • Fixed bug with <<me>> member filter
  • Fixed bug with custom field translation
  • Fixed bug with tags autocomplete search

2.0.1 (2016-02-11)

Compatible with Redmine 3.3.x, 3.2.x, 3.1.x, 3.0.x, 2.6.x, 2.5.x, 2.4.x, 2.3.x.

  • Fixed pagination bug
  • Added query title

2.0.0 (2016-02-10)

Compatible with Redmine 3.3.x, 3.2.x, 3.1.x, 3.0.x, 2.5.x, 2.4.x, 2.3.x.

  • Redmine 3+ support
  • Saved queries
  • Tags
  • Project cards view

1.0.1 (2013-05-04)

Compatible with Redmine 2.3.x, 2.2.x, 2.1.x.

  • New live search field
  • Fixed application_helper dependency

1.0.0 (2013-03-12)

Compatible with Redmine 2.3.x, 2.2.x, 2.1.x.

  • Redmine 2.1+ support
  • Ajax favorite/unfavorite
  • Ajax searching
  • Filters

0.0.2 (2012-05-23)

Compatible with Redmine 1.4.x, 1.3.x.

  • Redmine 1.4 support


0.0.1 (2011-11-15)

Compatible with Redmine 1.2.x.

User ratings

  by Samuel FUCHS 4 days ago

Couldn't install it with redmine up agile, or redmine up tag.
Error with redmine_crm.

Don't look better than the default, and didn't find how to have tags.

  by Ivan Hossain 8 months ago

Great plugin, wish i could thank Dimitar for his support.

  by Lars Laehn 8 months ago

Ein sehr nützliches und gut laufendes Plugin.
Der Support arbeitet sehr schnell und und bei Problemen gibt es schnell eine neue Version.

  by Andrew Kosykh 9 months ago

Great plugin!
I also want to express my gratitude to Dimitar, he corrected the plugin for our version of Redmine 5.0.5. Thank you!

  by Vladimir Borzov over 1 year ago

By buy this plugin you give money to Russia for war!
Don't do it and save lives!!!

  by Cristobal Bonillo Segura over 1 year ago

  by Yuriy Klimkin over 1 year ago

Don´t support Russian war economy, don´t support killing children!
This company virtually moved to Armenia to avoid sanctions!!!

  by Oleksandr Leshchenko over 1 year ago

Don't support killing please! Don't support Russain war economy...
(yes.. they only virutally moved to Armenia to avoid sanctions)

  by Viktor Sobchak over 1 year ago

Don't support Russia economy! Don¨t support Putin! STOP WAR!
(Fake armenia company, they are russians)

  by Maja Malinowska over 1 year ago

When is version compatible with Redmine 5.0 planned? Currently it's not possible to update Redmine with this plugin installed.

  by Evgeny K almost 3 years ago

  by Grey Grey over 4 years ago

  by George Kadas almost 5 years ago

Very useful plugin.
The project tags on the right side are part of it or this is something separate?

  by about 5 years ago

This is a must have. Redmine is awesome. But the project overview page is horrible. This plugin fixes this problem and make multiple projects way easier to manage.

  by Dimitar (RedmineUP) over 5 years ago

  by Stefan Müller over 5 years ago

  by Marek Kielecki over 7 years ago

  by Kush Suryavanshi over 7 years ago

Thank you. We have more than 200 small projects and your plugin saved the day.

  by Ricky Wu over 7 years ago

I installled success with 3.3, but the search result is blank and only show one star icon for each project, no other more information, any suggestion?

  by ex vito over 8 years ago


Is there any chance of seeing this plugin updated to support Redmine 3.x?... If not, would you recommend any alternative?

Thanks for a very useful plugin. :)

  by Dmitry Kabanov about 9 years ago

  by [ Desperados ] over 9 years ago

works with 2.6?

  by Szabolcs Szasz almost 10 years ago

Very nice to be able to select favorite projects!
But it fails to parse textile markup in the project descriptions (showing the raw source text only)!
Also: too narrow date field always broken to 2 lines (Chromium 25), uglifying the list.)

  by Ivan Rapekas almost 10 years ago

Incompatible with redmine_improved_searchbox. On some themes the font of description is too small. Works perfectly on dev environment!

  by Raúl Gómez almost 10 years ago