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13:04 Redmine Feature #7322: add ability to filter the activity page


21:21 Redmine Feature #306: Full Text Search of files
+1. It will be great if this happens 3.5.0


20:18 Redmine Help: Regarding issue attachments in activity stream
Maybe I am missing something simple, but is there no way of displaying the uploading of attachments to issue in activ...


15:56 Redmine Help: RE: Document Management System ?
To answer my own question, at least partially,it seems like dmsf is adding role based access functionality. That shou...


14:23 Redmine Help: Document Management System ?
Hello everyone, How do you guys handle documentation? We love dmsf but we can't give folderwise permissions to groups...


09:38 Redmine Help: RE: how to forward ip to domain
Depending on your domain configuration, you will need to understand port forwarding, MX records, possibly reverse pro...


08:40 Redmine Help: RE: Ticket Layout / Issue Layout
We use View Customize plugin to manipulate the DOM/UI(CSS/JavaScript) That may suffice your needs. Though, I am not s...


19:35 Redmine Defect #15226: Searching for issues with "updated = none" always returns zero results
Ok. Thanks both of you for clarification. I think we can solve the UI issue through JavaScript, at least for us.


17:46 Redmine Open discussion: RE: How to edit the homepage?
For Homepage, Administraton -> settings
17:44 Redmine Defect #15226: Searching for issues with "updated = none" always returns zero results
Please correct me if I am wrong - It seems that Created = Updates for new issues is the design choice, hence current ...

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