Wiki editing: </notextile> end tag visibile

Added by John Barnes almost 16 years ago

Whenever we enclose Wiki text in tags so the we might include interpreted HTML in our Wiki pages, the end tag is visible on the page. For example,

This Wiki text (square brackets represent greater/less than characters):

  1. Get a Yahoo IM account. If you don't have one please get it now [notextile][a h r e f =""; target="_blank"] HERE[/a][/notextile]

results in:

"1. Get a Yahoo account HERE"

Our goal is simply to be able to include interpreted HTML in our Wiki pages and it seems that in the latest version of Redmine (0.7.1) there was some change that now requires the use of the tags to do so. In version 0.6.4 we simply included the HTML in our Wiki text and all was fine. Note that the above embedded HTML allows us to open the link in a new window. The Textile tags don't accommodate this level of flexibility. In short, we would like to be able to use HTML in our Wiki and not be limited to what Textile can do with its tags. The only way to do this in 0.7.1 seems to be to use the <notextile> tag but it appears to be buggy. Thanks in advance for any help here.