Free Hosted Redmine

Added by Brad Rushworth over 14 years ago

My company, BitBot Software, has just begun a new free service providing hosted Redmine.

We've been using Redmine for years and now want to contribute back to the community.

All we ask for in return is a link from your website to ours, if your circumstances allow it.

Don't wait too long to obtain an account. Depending on the level of interest, we may need to restrict the number of users to maintain performance.

Note: At this stage, we aren't hosting repositories. But you are welcome to use an external repository in combination.

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RE: Free Hosted Redmine - Added by Jobin Joseph over 3 years ago

It looks like hostedredmine is no more allowing new signup, and I just found redminepro offering free Redmine hosting at . I hope this will help someone looking for it.

RE: Free Hosted Redmine - Added by Nion Marvin over 3 years ago

Thank you I used different web hosting now I use web xloo hosting but I want to change to redmine hosting. Thanks for the helpful post.

RE: Free Hosted Redmine - Added by Kirill Bezrukov (RedmineUP) over 1 year ago

We have free plan for Redmine charged with RedmineUP plugins (Agile, Checklists, Resources and others).