Protecting Attachments in Issues

Added by Ehdar Mayhs almost 12 years ago


We are setting up Redmine on a cloud and giving access to clients. They are expected to raise issues. One of the requirements is attachments in issues are to be protected.

Say a user "A1" creates a new issue Bug #1 "Unable to browse Internet" & attaches "a1.jpeg".

Another user say "B1" signs in. B1 is privileged only to see the issue. The attachment "a1.jpeg" is to be protected and cannot be viewed or downloaded by user "B1".

Only Redmine-Admin is privileged to view or download attachments of any other user.

Is this doable?

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RE: Protecting Attachments in Issues - Added by julie cheng over 11 years ago

I would like to know the answer as well. but we have slightly different situation. We are going to create one role who can view issues and attachment like normal. Another role are expected to view issues only, no attachment will be seen by this role. I am using Redmine 1.0.1.devel. How can I solve this problem?