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we are using redmine for managing lots of projects and think redmine is a blast! :)
But as good as redmine is, we have some requirements, which we like to add and some functionaltiy we want to tweak a little bit.
Of course redmine has a plugin mechanism, but with this you can only add new and not change existing functionality (as far as I know).

Right now we change models/controllers/views directly in the app folder, which isn't nice, because we can't update to any new version and can't keep trac of our changes very good.

So here is the question: How can we customize redmine and keep the original source clean?

We tried to do this with (engines-)plugins, but while the load path of Rails is: Rails -> Plugins -> app-Folder, we are not able to override anything from within plugins. One solution could be to move the redmine app folder to an engines-plugin and place the modifications in the app folder. But wouldn't that interfere with other tings?



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RE: Customize remine - Added by Wynn Netherland over 14 years ago

I've had the same wish. There has been some talk of extension points and there are some basic things you can do with plugins. But if I could wave a wand, I'd love to see Redmine itself be an engine, like Beast or CommunityEngine. That way, it's the plugin and you could override (at your own risk) in a straightforward, maintainable way.

RE: Customize remine - Added by Martin Herr over 14 years ago


I already added a ticket #783 some months ago.

Michael Glyebov: Nice to see you here :)

RE: Customize remine - Added by Eric Davis over 14 years ago

There has been some talk of extension points

That's been me talking about some hooks on #1143. I got signoff on my work last week so expect a patch (and an example plugin) real soon. The plugin uses the hooks and some advanced Ruby metaprogramming to really hook deep into Redmine.