Migrate from Mantis to redmine

Added by Shin Guey Wong over 15 years ago

I am trying to migrate my bug trackers from Redmine. My mantis site is running with MS SQL 2005 and during the migration I had encounter multiple issues. I just simple patch it to make it pass the migration. Some issue like my mantis save all attachment in hard disk(not using database) and the migration just stop half way, another issue is redmine is try to use 2 bug trackers like feature and bugs. But I didn't configure it properly or something bad happen, it just could found the second bug trackers. May be this is cause by my redmine initially only setup 1 bug trackers. I had managed to pass through this issue. In the end, there are still 1 main issue blocking me from using Redmine. 'I can't log in to Redmine after the migration'. What is the default administrator user name and password? How do I manually create a username and password? I check the database, the password already hash encoded.

Any help is welcome. We are still using mantis bug tracker now, but I am evaluating Redmine and consider to switch onto it. And there are couple of issue I have to solve like I still haven't make the email server working and I need to enable the LDAP to Active Directory authentication. My mantis has all this working perfectly now, but due to some lacking feature compare to Redmine, I hope I can quickly switch it to Redmine.

Shin Guey