Email Notifications based on priority

Added by peter weir almost 16 years ago

I have been looking at moving from trac to redmine as it seems to be able to do more project management stuff. However, i can not seem to find out if it is able to email depending on the status of a ticket.

What I want to be able to do is have users create tickets for support. These will then be read and assigned by a member of the dev team and planned in to fix. However, if something is flagged as urgent by the user I want it to email not just the dev team but the managers. I do not want the managers getting all the emails if it is just a small bug or request.

If a user creates a ticket and flags it as urgent when it is not we can then train them not to do it again. (The boy who cried wolf)

To much time is spend on trivial things that could if organised be grouped together and done at once. It is trying to split those out from the issues that stop the business operating.

Can this be done