Gettin Mails in Redmine.

Added by Michael Hayder almost 16 years ago

Hi there,
I have just checked out the last redmine revision from the svn. 1747.
I tried to get Mail via Imap or std. Input ... short .. we have tried all of the 3 Options.
System is gentoo. Rails 2.1. Webserver started with "ruby script/server -e production"

cat /1 | ./1.rb --url --key wa2V1T5GSblrCOxi6DX6 --project daef --tracker bug

  1. /1 is the email. 1.rb is the renamed script delivered by redmine.
    Other things also wont work (stdinput and stuff)

Error: - - [19/Aug/2008:12:25:01 CEST] "POST /mail_handler HTTP/1.1" 422 1
- -> /mail_handler

Does someone have the push Email to Ticket in Use ??
Any help would be great.