Anyone done or doing work to refine the Issues Filter?

Added by Joseph Potvin about 11 years ago

Following is what we plan to do, unless somebody has already done something like this:

1. When more than one filter is applied, there should be an AND / OR option (default should be AND)
2. More than one option should be allowed for a given field (eg Category = Accessibility OR Language)
3. When the user clicks on a result from a filtered list, then when the user clicks the browser's BACK button, they should be taken back to the filtered list. Currently they are taken back to the unfiltered list, so they have to re-apply the filter. If this is difficult to accomplish, then there should be a prominent link for "Return to filtered list" or "Return to previous screen".
4. The filter list should include "Notes" which should operate like the "Subject" one does, prompting for a keyword to search on.

We also ensure our implementation works for blind developers and other users who use and similar interfaces:
5. When testing with the JAWS screen reader, we found the order of reading was thrown off, so reading the resulting screen should be tested for this again. Also, it seemed to the review group that the first column should be the Category, then Subject. The ticket number is useful, but less important when scanning the list (both for visual and non-visual users).

For reference, here is this item in our instance: