Complex workflows

Added by Ingmar Heinrich about 15 years ago

Hi there,

I'm currently working on how to use Redmine für some complex service workflows in our company. A problem is that there are parallel subprocesses and I wonder how I could model that with Redmine.

An example: Imagine our business would be delivering ready-to-use supermarkets, which consists of constructing the premises, finding crew, and filling the shelves. Additionally, we would be offering all kinds of services after the customer has started running the supermarket.

Let's look at the delivery process. I guess I would have a project for each customer and a subproject for the delivery. Then, I would start a ticket that would probably first go to the architects. This would be the main ticket. I can think of adding several other tickets for parallel subprocesses, juggling with related issues and so forth: If I know that the shelves will be ready on June 20th and I know that the delivery of the goods take 3 days, I can order them on June 17th (if there's no weekend between). Perishable goods must be ordered two days before opening though.

But what I'm looking for is a way to completely define the workflow when starting it, so that the complete 'issue tree' is being create with a few clicks, and I can assign them as soon as they become 'valid'.

Sorry if I can't describe my needs more precise, but maybe we get into a discussion and I can explain.


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RE: Complex workflows - Added by Thomas Lecavelier about 15 years ago

Hi Ingmar,

From what I understand, I doubt redmine could help you: I think you need multiple workflow (one for each command process) by tracker (in that case, I see a tracker as a supermarket)), which is not possible in redmine. Maybe have you on other vision of your setup?

RE: Complex workflows - Added by Ingmar Heinrich about 15 years ago

Well, Redmine is calling itself Project Management Software, so it should be able to fulfil my needs :-)

Maybe something like a 'ticket template plugin' would do the job: You create a ticket from a template, and several subtickets with calculated due dates etc are being created, possibly already assigned to a predefined person.