Manager Usage; Dynamic Gantt and Calendar, Start and End Date Editing

Added by steve borgelt about 13 years ago

I have been using Redmine for a few years and now have advised my new employer to switch from to Remine. The main issue they have is that Redmine isn't top level friendly. Although Redmine is great for developers, managers would like to quickly view and edit, without diving into each isuue.

A few things they mentioned they would like was the ability to edit directly on the Gantt and Calendar view the start and end days. Also on the Calendart view, they would like to see the Issues actually span the calendar days, rather than just show the start and end day. As a manager, that is all they care about.

I have found which seems to be an answer to the Gantt, however the 1.1.1 patch didn't show any changes on my 1.1.2 installation.

Has anyone got the gantt patch to work on 1.1.2 or have found a solution to the calendar? I really do not like the spreadsheet views of :(