Install Redmine 1.2.x on Tomcat and configure with related applications

Added by Mypsycho Public almost 11 years ago


I have been working on installing Redmine through Apache Tomcat in a blank environment and ended having a complete solution.

The solution deploies following applications:
- Redmine : Project management
- Sonar of Sonarsource : Quality watch
- Sonatype Nexus : Resources proxy and hierarcical publishing
- Jenkins CI : Continuous integration
- Apache Maven : Software Build tool

Note: the solution does not contains those applications.
But It references the locations where they can be downloaded and the command to perform the downloadings.

It works with following middlewares :
- Apache Tomcat : Web server
- Mysql : SQL RDMS
- ApacheDS : Users directory

To achieve platefom independence, the solution is based on :
- Java JDK 6+
- Apache ANT 1.8.2+

You will find the tool at .

I am working on enhancing interactions with deployed applications:
Any suggestion or error report is welcome.