First impressions of Redmine (feedback only)

Added by Tom Hollins over 15 years ago

I think this project is very well done. Coming from a Microsoft Project background I have some ideas for this project that I will post below. However I want to say that this project's thrust may not be in this direction, but I was hoping to help the developers by posting this feedback.

1) Issues need to be ordered by something that the user can control. MS Project allows you to move the item along a tree to reorder the way they will be displayed.

2) The "precedes" is fine but need to say one subproject follows another. This is for scheduling of dates. If no task in subproject 2 can occur until all tasks in subproject 1 are done, then those tasks must wait for ALL tasks in subproject 1 to be completed. So the task has a line that says "follows" and a drop down of tasks as well as subprojects. This is because when you add a task to subproject 1, everything is rescheduled (pushed out on the timeline) automatically. So there is no task-follows-task flow. It is a task-follows-subproject flow.

3) Time is logged but cannot see it. Also its not automatically applied to completion time.

4) When editing a time entry, it creates a new record. There should be another button "Make change, do not create new record". This is for when a data entry mistake is made.

5) Calendar view needs to allow one to setup the work week & hours per day. Need a days per week, hours per day. Multiple profiles: a) Full time, b) Part time, c) other

6) Calendar view needs exceptions. Exceptions are for holidays, company downtime, that are global to the company. Presets would be for the countries we know about (Every country has their national holidays). For dispersed work teams, allow each user to be setup to use a specific calendar of exceptions and hours.

7) I would want the admin to allow anyone to create a project, not just the team leaders. This allows my employees to setup subprojects where they break up the work I give them into smaller chunks. Create a user access control list (ACL). Allow ACL by group & by user with user overriding group settings. Report all conflicts of the user ACL versus the group ACL.

8) Copy membership to all subprojects in the settings menu of the main project.

9) Multiple people could be assigned to a single issue.

10) Create a todo list for each issue. Allows the person working on it to map out what needs to be done. This could be a plugin for the system. It would negate the need for #7 above.

11) If there is no due date then it doesn't show on the Gantt chart. It should key off of the preceded by, add the duration. Should identify and display scheduling conflicts.

12) Need a report that prints out all issues for a project and its subprojects with the description. Let the user select the fields.

13) For issues, allow the user to select which fields are displayed. Use admin to select which fields the user is allowed to select from.

Good luck with the project what you've done is excellent.