Using OpenLDAP API instead

Added by Adriano Crestani Campos over 15 years ago


I ran into the problem described on Defect #1420. I was able to fix it using the patch attached by the defect's author. The patch basically changes the LDAP API used nowdays by redmine to the OpenLDAP.

I understand it's not a good idea to suddenly change the LDAP API used. But, how about a way to configure which API is used? We could set a flag somewhere in the config files or we could automatically check if the OpenLDAP is installed and start using it without asking the user.

I really would like to get the OpenLDAP authorization code into a release, otherwise I will always need to apply that patch in order to get it working on my server.

What is the community opinion about that?

Best Regards,
Adriano Crestani Campos