LDAP not works after deploying of database backup Remine 2.0.1

Added by Игорь Климчук over 10 years ago

Good day!

I have a version of Redmine 1.3.1 on VMWare virtual machine with Ubuntu 10.10. I decided to test the new version 2.0.1, has launched a virtual machine Ubuntu 12.04_x64 with this version. After the deploying of combat backup of the database in new version is not running LDAP, when you try to login - Internal Error. Log file looks like as follows:

NameError (undefined local variable or method `filter 'for # <AuthSourceLdap:0x7f4b09e76f70>):  
app / models / auth_source_ldap.rb: 72: in `ldap_filter '  
app / models / auth_source_ldap.rb: 140: in `get_user_dn '  
app / models / auth_source_ldap.rb: 47: in `authenticate '  
app / models / user.rb: 141: in `try_to_login '  
app / controllers / account_controller.rb: 143: in `password_authentication '  
app / controllers / account_controller.rb: 138: in `authenticate_user '  
app / controllers / account_controller.rb: 30: in `login

I am not a programmer at the Ruby. Can you help me?

P.S.: Sorry for my bad English.