Multi project Tracking issues

Added by Yannis Torres almost 15 years ago


Is there a way to display issues tracking summary (in fact issues number) into the project page ?

I think it is often needed for multi project management to have this kind of global informations. For example the general projects page could be looking something like that :

Project A (Bugs: 1 ¦ Features: 42)
Sub project A1 (Bugs: 2 ¦ Features: 0 ¦ otherIssue: 3)
Sub Project A2 (Bugs: 0 ¦ Features: 0)

Project B (Bugs: 3 ¦ Features: 2 ¦ otherIssue: 2)

Or maybe this could be something to add to wiki synthax, for example :
[!bugs:project_name] could display bugs numbers for project_name