SVN and https

Added by Hauke Ingmar Schmidt almost 15 years ago

I am sorry for bringing up this quite old topic... but I didn't solve it to my full satisfaction.

I had problems to access SVN repositories via https and an invalid certificate. I solved it by following and . I created a SVN config dir, checked out manually giving this path as config dir and changed the SVN command line in source:trunk/lib/redmine/scm/adapters/subversion_adapter.rb. This works.

But following the FAQ the step with the manual creation of the config dir shouldn't be necessary. Neither should the modifying of the source. It wouldn't be if I would know where the "standard" Redmine-SVN-shell subversion config dir lies. If this is a stable place could the FAQ updated to reflect this? Or otherwise could the solution with modifying the SVN shell command be put into the FAQ?

Thank you.