Problem with Redmine URL, notification emails and custom workflows

Added by Mauro Chojrin almost 9 years ago


I've recently made an upgrade of a previous 1.0.4 installation into a 2.1.4. Overall things turned out ok, but I'm having a few small (But still annoying) issues I can't put my finger on. Let me try to give some background:

My Redmine installation is hosted on top of an Apache server, which also hosts some other applications (most of them php based).
I have a specific configuration which creates an alias for the actual installation directory into http://myhost/redmine, so, I believe my "host name and path" should read "myhost/redmine". The thing is, when I receive an email from my Redmine, the urls would read "http://myhost/redmine/redmine/..." instead of "http://myhost/redmine/..." I don't know why.

Another thing that's happening (I'm not sure they're related, but I have a feeling they might) is this:

I've installed the custom workflows plugin and checked that it is installed looking at the plugins list from withing my administration console. Now, when I try to edit my custom workflows I see that the link to such a page reads "http://myhost/custom_workflows" (No matter whether my host and path reads "myhost" or "myhost/redmine"), getting me a 404 error. The thing is, even if I write the url by hand ("http://myhost/redmine/custom_workflows") I still don't get the page I'm looking for (This time it's a redmine error, not a webserver error).

Ok, I hope I made my situation clear :p. Thanks for your help!!