Newbie question: sub-projects released as one project

Added by Zviki Cohen over 14 years ago


I'm just starting with Redmine and I have a question regarding the structure of the projects.

I have several projects. One of those projects is particularly complex and I'm thinking of breaking it into sub-projects. There is a very clear separation between the sub-projects, so logically, this seems like the right thing to do (I also managed them separately in my IDE/SVN). Moreover, each module has sub-modules, so this falls perfectly into the categories field.

My main problem is with the way the versions work. The release is just one version for the master project. I cannot release a sub-project on its' own. In each release of the master project, one or more sub-projects is modified.

What's the best configuration for that? Is there a way of seeing the project version as aggregation of sub-projects' versions? This is important for showing which issues were fixed in the version.