Hire somebody to implement some changes to code reviews

Added by Michaël de Groot over 9 years ago


I would like your advice on hiring someone commercially to implement some changes to code reviews. I want to outsource this to offload our own Python development team. I would like to give this implementation back to you to release it with Redmine. I think it makes sense to ask it here because probably some people have knowledge about the Redmine codebase to have a head start

I will make a more detailed project description, but to give you a rough idea:
- Commit message in the diff list
- We currently review 'Shared' repository in all (active?) relevant projects. This might not be the most effective way to do it.
- Ignore certain files for code reviews (generated text files for example)
- Click remover: Remember the last thing you put in when creating an issue (parent task, etc...)
- Overview with all commits in a certain week and their changes
o - Create review from that week's list
o - Currently if you view all differences from 1 commit a review cannot be created and the list gets truncated.
o - If a line has been changed again in a later commit, show this properly
- Some implementation for branch reintegrations

Are you or do you know anybody who might be able to do this paid work for us? We do require a per project price.