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Added by Peter Chester about 15 years ago

We're thinking of throwing a Redmine Camp in Santa Cruz, CA later this year, probably in fall. Just wondering how many people might be interested in coming to that and what kind of topics people might be interested in exploring?

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RE: Redmine Camp - Added by Muntek Singh about 15 years ago

Depending on the dates, I'm down.

RE: Redmine Camp - Added by Shane Pearlman about 15 years ago

That would be awesome!

Topics that interest me:

  • project financal management features
  • API and Mashups (quickbooks, billing systems...)
  • templating and design
  • the redmine brand
  • the roadmap

RE: Redmine Camp - Added by Eric Davis about 15 years ago

Depending on the dates, I'd like to make it. I might even be convinced to come up with a presentation or something.

Some topics I'd like:

  • Integration and API development
  • Community outreach
  • How Redmine can innovate


RE: Redmine Camp - Added by kirk hayes about 15 years ago

I'd be down with that.

I think it would be interesting to learn how other people are using Redmine as I may learn something I could implement on my site too.
I am new to Redmine and had some major issues getting it installed on hostgator, but I finally got it running.
I think a Redmine camp spanning two different users groups would be good. 1 group for people who want to learn more about using redmine in there day to day business and another group focused on development and integration of redmine.

I would love to learn more about both subjects.

RE: Redmine Camp - Added by Peter Chester about 15 years ago

Good call on the user oriented vs. dev oriented parts of the camp. I'm imagining that this will not be a huge event so we probably can do the standard camp process of starting with a board full of sticky notes with session ideas and then agree upon a list of sessions. I could imagine dev, user, design, marketing, finance, and many more interesting sessions.

Shane and I have been putting a lot of time and money into working with Eric to build plugins and customizations. At this point it's getting more and more important that we get community involvement before we find ourselves developing a system in parallel. Our main goal is to find ways to line up visions among the community leaders so that we are all working to the same goals.

Who else should we specifically be inviting to this such that we are including the people that are most active in redmine? I'd like this to be an event for everyone, but it's really important to get the most active people there if we want this event to have any real effect on the direction of redmine.

RE: Redmine Camp - Added by Brad Beattie about 15 years ago

Hrm. Can't deny a curiosity. I'm wholly on board with the "getting the community's efforts synced" idea.