set field value to the value of another field

Added by R P over 5 years ago

I would like to maintain an issue field for a project whose initial value should be set to the value of a field in the record of the user entering the issue.

For example: The user record contains a custom field "Area" which indicates which "area" the user works in.

In the Issue table, I also have a custom field, "area", that currently must be set manually.

I would like the "area" field for a new issue to be set to the "area" field in the profile of the user entering the issue.

BTW, In my case, "area" is a list. Also, I would like the user to be able to reset the "area" in a new issue if, for example, they were temporarily working in some other area.

I haven't seen ho to do this in the standard configuration and, at least for now, writing a plugin is beyond my skill set.