How well is Redmine supported ?

Added by Regis Leneveu about 5 years ago

Dear all,
this is not a post to blame anybody. I just have to express my frustration with Redmine:

I'm using and supporting Redmine (actually release 3.0.3) in our company and it works stable and is accepted.
But I'm getting user requests nearley every day about features which are missing (about filtering, workflows, and so on ...).

Full of hope I regularily jump on to search for the issue and to look if there's a solution.
But I almoste never find a solution.

Many "problems" where reported years ago. A few or many users agree (+ 1), ...
And finally the issue gets stuck and there's no statement that a solution is planned or impossible to realize for some reason .. whatever ...
It's frustrating.

  • How your experience?
  • Are there other ressources which probably help better for this kind of question?
    (the only promising book "Mastering Redmine" was published 2013 ... a very long time ago)

Kind regards, Régis