Text alignment + tables support

Added by elek geek over 6 years ago


I tried ckeditor plugin along with ckeditor's themes and plugins, I can't like it that much since I discovered that Paste screenshots into body of Issue - as images plugin doesn't work with ckeditor. Anyway, when I am on firefox and paste an image to ckeditor, it get's pasted, but if the resolution is high, say 1400x900 then it fails to upload and gives internal error mesage. Add to it that exporting to PDF shows images in text format, this rendered ckeditor useless.. So, I had to go back to the official redmine editor which lacks lots features that need to be added/improved.

I need that redmine supports text alignment so that I can write hebrew and arabic languages. Also, the ability to copy from excel and word. In few words, the more features added to the editor, the more useful it becomes.

Suggestions are very welcome.