Redmine bundles constructor

Added by Kirill Vechera over 4 years ago


We in Jetware are developing automation tools to build runtime environments and bundled applications from modules (software packages). There're implemented in our free online constructor of appliances, which builds installers, cloud launchers and virtual machine images for desired software stacks or applications. And we've created an appliances constructor for Redmine, you can check it at

It's based on our ruby stack and for now it allows select only Redmine version and limited to MySQL, MRI Ruby, Git and SVN. But we're planning to add more customization and integration with other modules. For example, to provide Postgres as database alternative, JRuby, add more VCS, automated integration with Gitolite, Solr as search backend. Maybe automated installation of the most popular Redmine plugins.

So I would appreciate any advice and thoughts about it. Maybe regarding needing of some of this features at all, maybe in importance and priority.

We've already got almost all of them as a modules (excluding redmine plugins). But the integration part would take enough time.