Activities vs Timelog Concepts

Added by kirk hayes almost 14 years ago

This is more of a wondering about how to combine some of the Activities features and the Timelog features together. My thought is that anything that gets logged as time must be an activity to an issue or project yet Activities do not reflect anything enter via the timelog function.

However, what is interesting is that the timelog will display updates made from the Activity page, but it doesn't display the notes only the comments made from the activity page. So essentially we are now having to enter variations of the same thing to achieve full funcionality.

One must never enter or update anything from the timelog otherwise it will never be reflectied in the activities.

One must enter both a comment and notes otherwise the timelog will not display a comment.

Any suggestions on how to combine these features or eliminate the timelog editing of events? Seems a little clunky and redundant from my personal experience so far.