How to replicate performance issues by generating and populating the database on your end?

Added by Pranav Sharma over 6 years ago

I am a student who is working towards performance testing on an independent research study. One of my tasks is to replicate one of the performance issues so I can study them on my side. This replication of a performance issue involves populating the database with so-and-so number of projects and that have so-and-so number of users.

My question is directed towards anyone who has expertise in generating the test data to replicate and review performance issues.

Through my research I have found about plugins that can help generate test data. One such plugin I get to hear so much about is Faker.

I would appreciate any help in guiding me towards the right direction.

My question is also directed towards the community members who replicate and fix performance issues on their side. How do you guys do it?

I am looking forward to hear your opinions, as well as experiences and possibly learn something from it.