List in Wiki Heading breaks the section edit function

Added by Rolf Wojtech over 5 years ago

Create the following Wiki page:

h2. Section 1

h3. Subsection 1
* Subsection 1 text

h2. Section 2

h3. Subsection 2

Subsection 2 text

Now try clicking on the section edit button one right of section 2.
Expected: I see an edit window starting with h2. Section 2
Actual: It will open h3. Subsection 1

This mismatch continues all over the rest of the file.
Ordered lists are equally affected.

If you add an empty line between h3 and the list, it will work as expected.

I am not sure if this is example is valid redmine wiki syntax but the section edit behaviour is extremely irritating.
Our only mitigation is telling users not to do this (as this will also lead to confusing formatting) but it happens a lot despite that.