FYI if you are trying to update Redmine to 4.0 with plugins

Added by itnithand englishjhand over 3 years ago

TL:DR Redmine 4.0 must use Rails 5.2, Rails 5 removed a number of parameters that are used by plugins for Redmine

Longer version If you are (Un)lucky enough to support a Redmine server, the new 4.0 version is using Rails 5.2. When Rails moved to 5 they removed a large number of parameters mainly the Alias_method_chain which a large number of older plugins for Redmine use.

The process works fine till you run the bundle install --without development test, then it falls apart, trying to specify a lower version of rails in the gemfile will not work as they have reworked the entire codebase to work with 5.2.