redmine incomming mail add <custom_field> to subject if it exist

Added by Ninja Ya over 3 years ago


Help me to write "if" condition for issue.custom_field_value
in file app/models/mailer.rb i need to add "Re: #{issue.custom_field_value(52)} " in (def issue_edit) mail subject, only when custom_field exist.

my code:

    s = "" 
    s << "Re: #{issue.custom_field_value(52)} " if issue[custom_field_value][52]
    s << "[#{} - #{} ##{}] " 
    s << "(#{}) " if journal.new_value_for('status_id')
    s << issue.subject

help me please to write "if" condition correctly(second row) 'if issue[custom_field_value][52] is not empty or is not "" '

Thank you.