How to change the mail notification template?

Added by jie yang almost 4 years ago

Hi, team,

I am using Bitnami Redmine 4.0.0, which was installed by a Linux installer.

For now, I've only enabled the email notification for 'Issue added' and 'Issue updated'.
When the email notification was trigger by these two items, the email contents is not what I wanted.
My two demands:
1. If I can adjust the order of all email items
2. If I can add more items in the email notification template.

Under the installation path (/opt/redmine-4.0.0-TEST/apps/redmine/htdocs/app/views/mailer) of Redmine, I think issue_add.text.erb and issue_edit.text.erb should be the two configuration files which I should edit.

Please help to check this.

Thanks in advance.