Problem with Redmine e-mail notifications through Exchange Online using modern authentication

Added by betty stolwyk over 3 years ago

Anybody out there have on premise Redmine application running, and using Office 365 Exchange Online and Azure Active Directory?   We configured Azure Active Directory to only allow modern authentication, but then Redmine e-mail notifications stopped getting through.  I have found 'authentication error' message in one of the Redmine log files.  When I make an exception in Azure Active Directory Modern Authentication requirement for the Redmine 'user',  then the e-mails go through again just fine using basic authentication.

The Redmine configuration.yml is currently set to SMTP delivery method to server, port 587.   do I just need to change the server and port number to something else?  I hope?

delivery_method: :smtp
address: ""
port: '587'
domain: xxx
user_name: xxx
password: xxx
enable_starttls_auto: true