ClickUp like user experience

Added by Senguttuvan Ganesan over 4 years ago

I recently came across ClickUp and blown away by its interface. It has an incremental UI, meaning that we can create task inline without having to fill dozens of mandatory fields as we do with redmine. Beauty comes with a cost, though. As an early stage, we can't afford $200 every month.

We already have redmine in our team but people rarely use it due to its complexity and old look & feel. Is it possible to customize Redmine to bring the richness of ClickUp. I'm specifically looking for these features

1. List view
2. Board view
3. Box view
4. Progressive UI -> Add task (an issue in Redmine) with a single click and progressively add more details as you go
5. Custom fields -> One can add custom fields with few clicks as opposed to mapping custom fields against trackers, etc