How to migrate database from win redmine 4.1.0-8 to win redmine 4.0 ?

Added by Kamil AFACAN almost 4 years ago

I took a backup from bitnami redmine 4.1.0-8 as backup.sql.

mysqldump -A -u root -p > backup.sql

I installed a fresh bitnami redmine 4.0 to be able to use some plugins which are not available for 4.1. But when I try to upload the database, upload fails.

I searched the forums and I found some hints.
Using workbench (
I connect to the database and apply the commands.
During the upload warned me about the 767 bytes data and I found I ave to cahnge the definitions for the variables from 255 to a value below 190 (when we multiply 4 not to exceed 767). I found and replaced all 255 to 190.
Even it seems to be uploaded to 4.0 nothing works and I couldn't see anything in Redmine 4.0.
Database names are same. I changed the name of the databases over ppmyadmin page.
What should I do?

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