Is Redmine still strong?

Added by barkie trin over 3 years ago

I used to use Redmine loooong time ago and back then it was the deal. I am wondering if it has its old glory still and has a strong following. Any Redminers out there?

I was looking for some plugins on the site and things are not as updated and fresh.

I am reconsidering it since I might have some projects that could be useful to me, but I am also interested in hearing up to date Redmine alternatives. At the moment I use Gitea, Wekan and Kanboard

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RE: Is Redmine still strong? - Added by C S about 3 years ago

Ever since I found out how easy it can be installed from a Docker file, I've loved it even more!
I've introduced it in my last three workplaces so far and it's getting more perfect. Thanks to various plugins, it currently serves me as documentation and spare parts management in the field of maintenance

RE: Is Redmine still strong? - Added by Jean Parcks about 15 hours ago

I'm interested in hearing about your experiences with Redmine and your thoughts on its current status and relevance to project management. Redmine really had its heyday and was widely used due to its robust features and flexibility.

However, technology is evolving rapidly, and project management tools have improved significantly over the years. It's understandable that you're looking at Redmine, especially if you're experiencing problems with outdated plugins and a lack of freshness in the ecosystem.
Take my class for me I was able to thanks to
Exploring alternatives like Gitea, Wekan, and Kanboard demonstrates your openness to discovering tools that better suit your current needs and preferences. These platforms offer unique features and can provide a more convenient way to manage your projects.

As you continue your search for the right project management solution, consider factors such as user interface, integration, community support, and scalability. Each tool has its strengths and weaknesses, so it's important to prioritize what's most important to you and your team.

It's also important to interact with the community and gather information from other users who may have similar experiences or recommendations for alternative platforms. Your willingness to explore and adapt to new tools demonstrates a proactive approach to streamlining your project management workflow. Good luck finding the perfect fit for your projects!