راهنمایی فارسی سازی؟ Is there a how to on how to add Persian/farsi/parsi in a consistent manner to Redmine setup?

Added by Gorbeh Sefid over 2 years ago

Hello All,

Is there a how to somewhere on the web or here that would walk one through how to localize
the redmine setup correctly? In my case I need Parsi/Farsi/Persian support. My programmers
do not speak a word of English so they can't effectively use Redmine from editing the Wiki
to adding the right tickets. If there isn't any, I would gladly make one if someone could
just give me an idea of how or where to begin.

آیای برای فارسی سازی محیط مین قرمز راهنمایی وجود دارد؟ 
اگر هم نیست من می توانم به یاری کسی که کمی به من راهنمایی کند ان را بسازم