Failed when migrating db

Added by j ronald almost 2 years ago


Tested on Linux, no problem for Linux, so it's FreeBSD specific.


FreeBSD 13.1 amd64
Redmine 5.0.2


Install redmine 5 following the offical doc at
excpet that redmine 4 db is restored before `bundle exec rake db:migrate`

% bundle config set --local without 'development test'
% set RAILS_ENV=production
# restore redmine 4 db, then try to migrate to readmine 5 as below
% bundle exec rake db:migrate
rake aborted!
LoadError: cannot load such file -- listen
% bundle info listen
Could not find gem 'listen', because it's in the gorup 'development', configured to be ignored.

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RE: Failed when migrating db - Added by j ronald over 1 year ago

Solved as below for csh/tcsh

env RAILS_ENV=production bundle exec rake db:migrate