Consolidation time for Status Mails

Added by Uwe Falke about 1 year ago

Dear all,
I am a mere Redmine User.
I see that often issues are modified a few times within a short period (say several minutes) mostly for incremental corrections/additions.
One example:
an issue record was copied (without changing the title).
At this point a mail was sent out -- which raised the assumption with an email recipient that a duplicate issue was started and following the link the new copy was set to rejected (which apparently cannot be reverted).
Only after that it became clear that the title had been modified in the meantime (two minutes later).
As (in our system) each pressing on [Submit] triggers an e-mail there are way too much messages and they can be, as in the example above, partly misleading.

Is there a way to set a consolidation time which the system waits for before sending out an e-mail so that either only notification about the very last status change or a consolidated change log of all changes within that consolidation time gets sent?

Or would that be a nice idea to implement, maybe?

the algorithm could behave as
CT=Consolidation Time (reasonable values would be between 60s and 1000s I suppose)

set i=-1 (index of modifications within the consolidation time window)
on each Mod: i=+1, store Mod as M_i, set its time to T_i, reset the timer waiting for CT (to expire at CT+T_i),
If timer expires:
send out status mail (either comprising just M_i, or all M_0, M_1, ..., M_i), set i=-1, initialize all M_0, M_1, ...

In addition (to prevent consolidating changes ad infinitum) there could be a maximum for i (maybe 5, or 8, or 10?) at which the status is reported anyway.

A function button could be introduced in the issue edition mask to trigger immediate status mails after submission, that way the consolidation time could be omitted, if desired)