Anyone else using Redmine for personal journaling/planning/timekeeping?

Added by cat no bot 3 months ago

I'm having a hard time organizing all planning aspects of my life, so as a solution I was looking into Redmine. I wanted to share with you that I think redmine really is a great tool for this purpose. It allows me to plan all my activities and record my time spent on them. I have tried a few personal planners etc, none of them worked as flexible as Redmine. So first of all I really want to thank the makers for creating this software and for releasing it open source. Second, I'd like to raise attention to this use case as I believe there are probably more people using the software as I am. Maybe there are ways we can contribute to the project to help further develop features in support of this use-case.

For demonstration purpose, here you can see how organized all my projects into two main projects: Personal and Work. All things I do are subprojects of one of these two:

Anyways, again, thanks for building Redmine. It really is a great piece of software.

planning.png (49.7 KB) planning.png Screenshot of projects setup
planning.png (54.9 KB) planning.png