Wiki Versioning/Cloning

Added by Jimmy Zimmerman almost 13 years ago

I am running a Redmine site for bug/feature tracking for my organization's web service APIs.

We currently run a version of our API in a production and sandbox environment. The production environment only gets a new deploy every 3 months, so the sandbox can have considerably different documentation as new features have been implemented that are not yet in production.

The way I currently run my documentation is to provide a sandbox version and a production version of the documentation. The sandbox would be like an SVN trunk and production is like a branch at a certain snapshot in time. Every time we release to production, I roll a copy of the sandbox doc to replace the production.

As far as I can tell, nothing is currently available in Redmine wiki functionality to handle this type of documentation versioning, or am I missing something?

Does anyone have any ideas of how I might accomplish this?

(currently, all of our documentation is in Plone, but I'd really like to move it over to Redmine).