How to manage files with redmine

Added by Jean-Roch HUET over 12 years ago

Hi everybody ^^

At first, I wanna thank you for this software, it helps me a lot.

Here is my prolem : I have to create a file-managment server.

The client want 2 things : Gantt diagram (that is the reason for I chose Redmine, even if I dont't know yet how does it work), and file gestion.

He wants the possibility to upload and donwload files, for each account. The files are .doc .ppt .pdf .gif .jpg .bmp .xls (microsoft and adobe formats, subversion seems to be useless in the other cases of text files).

So question : Is this possible with Redmine or may I create a plugin to allow that (I can program in ruby, this is not a problem).

I can program in C/C++ to allow Redmine to manage files, this is not a problem too. Are you interested if it's possible ?