How can I see more detailed logging information under Windows?

Added by Justin Pealing over 10 years ago

Hi, I'm trying to get Redmine running under Windows 7 x64, buit I'm having problems - When accessing remotely I see a simple "redMine 500 error - Internal error" page, when accessing locally I can log in and everything seems to be working fine, however the exact same "Internal error" message is appended to the bottom of every page.

Obviously I've mis-configured something, but I've been hunting for a good hour now for some useful logging to no avail.

I'm using webrick to run Redmine for now:

ruby script/server webrick -e production

Places I've checked for logging so far:

  • The event log (empty)
  • The console windows that I'm running webrick in (no indication of any errors)
  • The log directory under redmine/log (production.log consits of 1 line indicating that the log file was created yesterday)
  • The bin directory under c:\ruby (no logging)

What should I do to enable / find some more useful logging under Windows?

Thanks in advance,