SVN Authentication Error in Eclipse

Added by Julia Lovel over 10 years ago

Hi, I'm using an SVN repository with Redmine in Eclipse. When I try to connect to the repository URL (in the Eclipse SVN Repository exploring perspective), the authentication fails and the auth prompt just pops back up.

I have already gone (in Redmine) to the Settings tab for the project and, under Members, assigned my user as a manager of the project with repository managing permissions, so that's not the problem.

However, I do see that when I go to Settings>> Repository and click Users, there is no one on the list. Why is this? It seems like this could be my problem. Should I have made a project before making the repository location in Redmine somehow?

I would appreciate any help, and I'm sure the community appreciates it, too, because I searched for the answer to this problem and found that many others had the same issue as me and didn't get help. So, thanks in advance!